Gator Gear and Fundraising Sale - Shop Now!

Two Weeks Left to Grab New Gator Gear!

Hi Gator Families, we've launched our annual  Gator Gear and Fundraising Sale  with the help of Custom Ink.  This year we're offering some new designs on t-shirts and sweatshirts as well as our traditional Gator logo items.  The prices are set for a minimum number of orders per item (approx 19 items each) if we order more than that in an item we earn some of our cash back, so this can be a win win for all of us, families get new gear and the team makes a bit of money.
The Sale will close on November 15th, so that everyone can get their items before the holidays in case you want to give something as a gift.  All items will be shipped to Tracy Hazelton (gear person) and then distributed at the pools.  Below are each of the group order forms, with a description of the item.  Click on each link to order the individual items.
Group Order Form 1  (Gator sweatpants, black or grey)
Group Order Form 2   (Vintage design, t-shirts, long sleeve or pullover hoodie )
Group Order Form 3   (California design, t-shirts and long sleeve )
Group Order Form 4   (Gator butterfly stroke design, t-shirts and long sleeve )
Group Order Form 5   (Zip hoodie, grey with Gator logo )
For team swim suits, please visit Ryte Sport to order online.

Thanks for repping The Gators - and Happy Shopping!