Weekly Update 11//2019

Good Afternoon:

I am going to keep working on improving communication and I hope to see everyone at practice this afternoon!

Tuesday: Normal Practice All Groups

Wednesday: Normal Practice All Groups

Thursday; Normal Practice All Groups

Friday: Normal Practice All Groups

Sunday: TCAY Tidalwaves All Around meet- NO PRACTICE


Personalized swim caps are available for order!

They will be royal blue with our team logo on one side and the YMCA logo on the other, Your swimmer's name will also be on them. B&B Aquatics requires caps to be ordered in a set of 2 caps/per swimmer. The cost will be: $31.20 per swimmer for 2 personalized caps.
The caps take 3-6 weeks to come in once ordered, so we'd like to place the order very soon. If you would like to place an order, please email Angie Schott [email protected] by FRIDAY, November 15th. In the email, please include your contact information (phone number and email) that's best to reach you at, as well as the following statement completed:
The name I would like personalized on my swimmer's cap is: _____________.  I would like _____ (in multiples of 2) caps. 
We will charge your account just like we do for swim meets. Angie Schott will send out a confirmation of what she on order for everyone after the 15th with what we are charging your account.
We will have appearal available on a team store website soon. Keep an eye out for that! I hope that having a team store online will make the process smoother and easier for everyone.
We are getting closer to getting dryland practice set up. I think we can get the cost of that very reasonable. But, I wanted to make sure that it was offerred at a time that would work for the majority of our swimmers. For me, as a parent, I would assume that either before or after practice would be the easiest to get the majority of swimmers. I am looking for 30-45 minutes 2-3x a week. Please let me know what your thoughts are as we try to figure out the schedule this week for it. I really think that doing some dryland practice can improve the overall fitness and endurance of our swimmers.
I have been working on getting a clinic set up with Fitter Faster for the last few months. In an effort to get a location with swim blocks so that we could practice starts, we hit several road blocks. But, I have good news, I have been told by David Arluck, the CEO of Fitter Faster that they are having clinics at Webster University the weekend of January 11-12th. When I have more details I will sent them out.
This is the same weekend that we have a meet on the 11th. For those whom have not gotten conference cuts and they are close- they should plan to go to the meet. If someone has gotten their cuts or is not very close to it, they can go to the clinic on the 11th if they would like. The 12th is open except for practice.
MEET ENTRIES for the SCCY Gobble Games on 11/15/2019 are due this week.
Meet Information.
There was a change made to the Heartland YMCA rules this year that could effect some of our kids. The age that the kids will be swimming for all meets is the age that the kids will be at the start of the meet. SO, IF YOUR KIDS HAVE A BIRTHDAY between December and March 20th- This may effect your swimmer. I know of one swimmer on our team that her birthday is right before champonships. If that is the case, please email me so that I will start "Swimming  UP" that swimmer now. What that means is that they will start to swim in their new age group now so that they can get experience in that age group. Please let me know if I missed anyone. This would be an issue if your swimmer moved age groups like turning 9, 11, 13, or 15. I already have one swimmer that knows she is in this situation, and swimming her up already.
We have a lot going on in and out of the pool right now. I hope the kids are having fun and I look forward to seeing them all this week!