Week 12 - Section Taper Starts
Week 12 - Section Taper Starts

Happy Sunday  Bengal Families! 

I hope you are still smiling like I am from such an AMAZING day yesterday! Our JV Conference team did AMAZING work and we are so so proud of all of their hard work and accomplishments this season. Riley set up the day with a 2nd place finish! Once the afternoon started it was great swim after great swim and we won EVERY heat of the Medley relay! THAT IS SO COOL!

Every year the season seems to go faster but they have made such an impact on who our team is, their contribution is significant and I am so happy they all had such a great day! 

Thank You to all of those who helped run the meet on Saturday! We are so grateful for such a supportive and involved booster club and parent group!

This week will be focused on getting the section team ready for their big meet! After the performances we saw on Saturday, I am more than confident that our Section team will carry the torch of amazing swimming and diving!

Reminder: JV Conference athletes SHOULD attend practice on Monday only so they can celebrate their accomplishments, collect their medals and turn in warm ups/equipment. They should be done by 4:30 but if they need to wait to be picked up until 5:30 that is ok! 

Banquet RSVP: Don't forget to RSVP for the Banquet! This is such a fun day for us to celebrate the season overall! Its a semi-formal event and is such a fun day! Please attend if you and your family are able. 

Schedule This Week

Monday: Practice 3:30-6:00
Tuesday Practice 3:30-6:00  Zen with Jen
Wednesday Practice 3:30-6:00
Thursday Practice 3:30-6:00
Friday Practice 3:30-6:00  Zen with Jen
Saturday: Practice 7:30-9:30am


So so proud and humbled by this team.

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving