BASH Updates 11/5/19


Bash Updates 11/5/19

  1.  Practice Changes this week only affect Sunday due to team pictures (see more below)
  2. Great meet this weekend by all of our swimmers!  We had a large portion of the team at the meet so it was great to get to meet some of the swimmers that I hadn’t seen yet.  Just a few notes on the meet.  We do need to work on some small things, and the group coaches have the DQ report so that we can keep learning skills in practice.  HOWEVER, if you had a DQ related to a backstroke turn on the bulkhead end of the pool, those were overturned because the bulkhead was set inaccurately during part of the meet.  The bulkhead is the divider in the middle of the pool that separates it into two 25 yard pools during the winter season.  Several times that were initially DQ’s will now be useable as best times.
  3. Make sure to stop by the front desk to pick up any team suits or apparel from the team fitting order.  Please try and get all of that done this week as that stuff all gets stored in my desk.  Also, if you have not picked up your volunteer shirts from your group coach we have those at the main pool and at Ferris for the kids to take home at practice.  We have just a handful of them left, but again it frees up storage space so get those taken care of.  Plus you’ll need them very shortly for our first home meet.
  4. Meet sign ups for upcoming meets are very important.  Especially the home meet here in November.  Deadlines for these meets are coming up soon and we need to get entries finalized. 
  5. Team pictures are Sunday from 6:15pm to 7:15pm.  Practice schedule has been altered to allow for this to happen for all groups:

AG2 and AG3 will practice 4:45-5:45pm and then walk back to the Main Building to get their pictures done.

AG1 and Senior 3 will get their pictures first (6:15), and then walk to Ferris and swim from about 6:30-7:30pm. 

There are no other practice changes this week.

That should cover the updates for this week.  If I left anything out I’m sure Bill will let everyone know.


Coach Ed