New Times policy

New policy update from USA Swimming:

This will make a definite change for high school swimmers.  In the past I have been able to find times for high school swimmers with incorrect USA swimming ID's.  As of November 6, 2019, any swimmer 18 & over who has not completed APT,  their times will not be available for review in the SWIMS holding tank.  Please make sure that your high school swimmers have completed their APT prior to tuening 18.


From USA Swimming:

Starting Wednesday 11/6/2019 times achieved by an athlete member at a sanctioned or observed meet who is over 18 years of age (+30 day grace period) who had not completed the Athlete Protection Training (or whose APT training had expired) by the date of the swim, will not be able to be uploaded to the Times Holding Tank.

If a Times Upload file contains ineligible swim times (swimmer was not in compliance with APT requirements) those times will be ignored during an upload and will not appear in the holding tank."

If you have questions please contact the NTV Chair Gloria Schuldt at