Mason Manta Rays Fall Invite-Warm Ups & Updates

Mason Manta Rays Fall Invitational

The Mason Municipal Center and the Mason Community Center are both on the Community Campus at 6050 Mason-Montgomery Road (45040). The Community Center is on the north end of Mason High School.

enlightenedAlso, over the summer, new LED lights were installed in the pool area that was supposed to enhance the lighting and reduce electricity use. However, it turns out that the lighting is now less bright than it was before. We wanted to make you aware of this as it will be noticeable during the evening sessions when it is dark out. The city and school district are working on solutions, but it is taking longer than expected. 


From Cincinnati/I-71, take the Western Row Road exit and turn left onto Western Row. Western Row will turn left a few lights away, but go straight to stay on Tylersville Road. Turn right onto Mason-Montgomery Road at the next major intersection. The H.S. and Community Center will be on the right before you get to Main Street.

From northern areas along I-71 (I-71 southbound), take the Kings Mills Road/741 exit and turn right. Stay on Route 741 by turning right in front of Kroger. Turn left at the next major intersection, US 42. US 42 turns into Main Street. Turn Left on Mason-Montgomery Road at the light. The Mason Community Center will be on your left.

From I-75, take the Tylersville Road exit and go east toward Mason. Once in Mason, turn left onto Mason-Montgomery Road in front of Mason Middle School. Turn right at the light at Lakeside Drive. You will be entering the Community Campus as you turn in.

Please park in the Mason H.S. parking lot or across the street at the Mason Municipal Building. 

All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming. Registration numbers and swimmer age must appear on the entry forms. ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE PREPARED TO PROVE USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION.

Friday, November 8, 2019- 
Session 1 -Meet starts  3:20 pm
NO SPY SWIMMERS for 1650 Event


Friday, November 8, 2018 Coach John for 400IM and 500 Free
Meet starts 6:10 pm; Session ends 9:00pm

UPDATED Friday>>>

SPY Stretch 5:30 pm; Pool 5:40-6:00pm pm 

Lane10-11 share Lane 10 with HYD and Lane 11 with MAKO
  • Events 103-104 Open 400 IM
  • Events 105-106 Open 500 Freestyle- Swimmer NEEDs Lapcounter


Saturday, November 9, 2019    SPY Coach John

Session 3 -  Meet starts 8:00 am; Session ends 11:15am

SPY Stretch 7:20am ; Pool 7:30-7:50AM Lane9  with HYD 

  • Reminder 11-12 500 Freestyle* NEED Timer & Lapcounter

Saturday, November 9, 2019 Session 4   SPY Coach John

meet start 12:00pm Session ends 3:20pm

9-10 age group session

SPY Stretch 11:25am; Pool 11:35-11:55am Lane 6 with OHYA 

Saturday, November 9, 2019 Session 5   SPY Coaches: Morgan & John

  Meet starts 4:35pm Session ends 9:35pm

SPY 4:00pm ; Pool 4:10-4:30pm Lanes9-11



Sunday, November 10, 2019  SPY Coach Mickey
Session 6 -
    Meet starts 8:00 am; Session ends 10:45am

SPY be on deck by 7:05am, Pool 7:10-7:30am Lane 3 with RAYS

Sunday, November 10, 2019 Session 7    NO COACH & NO SPY Swimmers

8-U, 9-10 age group session

Sunday, November 10, 2019 Session 8 - SPY Coaches: Morgan & Mickey

Meet starts 4:00pm; Session ends 8:10pm

SPY 3:00pm ; Pool 3:10-3:30pm – lanes 9-11



Pysch Sheet:

The City of Mason is very excited to host the 2019 Fall Invitational again this year. We will do everything possible to run a great meet.

Message from City of Mason:

Seating & Deck Space We encourage swimmers and families to use the H.S. Commons to “camp out” each day. There are over 800 athletes competing in this year’s meet. Please be mindful of everyone around. We ask that swimmers take some time to dry off before they go into the commons though.

Meet Operations

  • Please enter through the Mason High School Natatorium entrance and not through the Mason Community Center entrance. There will be signs to help direct.
    • The doors will open at 2:30 pm on Friday (as school doesn’t end until that time)
    • The Doors will open at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday morning. 
    • Please use the high school locker rooms, not the community center locker rooms.
  • We will be using 9-10 lanes for competition, with one to two warm-up lanes available the entire meet for warm-up and warm-down. No horseplay will be tolerated.  Entry into these lanes should take place at the end opposite of the starting blocks.
  • All events will be seeded ahead of time. No check-in required. If you know you will have a swimmer missing an event 400 yards or longer, please notify the meet referee.
  • We will do flyover starts for each session.  Please prepare your swimmers for this procedure.  
  • Relay sheets are due the day before and can be updated up until the relay swims if necessary. Should any session run long in length, relays in following sessions will be canceled to help keep finish times for those sessions close to the posted end times.
  • enlightenedAll Friday night events will swim fastest to slowest alternating girls and boys.
  • All swimmers competing in the following events will need to provide their own timers: 1650 free, 11-12 500 free, and 10&U 200 Free.
  • We ask that all 8&Unders have their name in sharpie on the right back shoulder so volunteers at the clerk-of-course can easily identify swimmers.

Parking you may drop swimmers off at the Natatorium entrance. Please park in the Mason H.S. parking lot or across the street at the Mason Municipal Building.  

Psych Sheet

The psych sheet is posted on www.masonswimming.organd on meet mobile. 

yesParents on Deck Please remind your parents that USA Swimming rules do not permit parents on deck, unless they are working the meet.

Mason Community Center Policies:No food or drinks in the stands. Spectators are not permitted to eat or drink the stands We are happy to use for a swim meet app that will allow swimmers and parents to track the meet progress without listening for announcements or looking at a dry erase board for written notes. will be running and we encourage everyone to use it.

Predicted Timelines

Friday 1650 Free – Meet starts 3:20 pm  Meet ends 5:15 pm

Friday PM – Meet starts 6:10 pm Meet ends 9:00 pm

Saturday 11-12 – Meet starts 8:00 am Meet ends 11:15 am

Saturday 10&U – Meet starts 12:00 pm Meet ends 3:20 pm

Saturday 13&O – Meet starts 4:35 pm Meet ends 9:35 pm

Sunday 11-12 – Meet starts 8:00 am Meet ends 10:45 am

Sunday 10&U – Meet starts 11:30 am Meet ends 2:45 pm

Sunday 13&O – Meet starts 4:00 pm Meet ends 8:10 pm