KEY Armed Forces Invitational Warm Ups & Updates

KEY Armed Forces Invitational 

November 8 - 10, 2010

West Carrollton YMCA
900 S. Alex Rd. (NOT ALEX-Bell Road)
West Carrollton, OH 45449 Tel: 937-866-9622


Psych Sheet

SPY Entries

The psych sheet is also up on Meet Mobile.

enlightenedenlightenedThe meet has several events on Friday night that will be combined so the session can finish at a reasonable time. Events 106 & 108, 111 & 112 and 113 & 114 will have heats combined. These will be marked on the heat sheets.

Friday. Coach Morgan 

  • SPY be on deck & ready 5:20
  • SPY Pool Warm UP 5:30-5:50pm
  • LAPCOUNTERS needed for SPY Swimmers
  • Meet Starts 6:00pm
  • Session ends 9:40pm

Saturday & Sunday
11 & Over Session:

Saturday Coaches: Mickey, Trevor, Morgan

Sunday Coaches:  John, Trevor, TBD

  • SPY Stretch 7:40am
  • SPY Pool 7:50-8:10am Sat>Lanes 1-5; Sun> Lanes 1-4
  • Meet Starts 8:20am
  • Saturday Session ends 1:20pm
  • Sunday Session ends 1:45pm

10 & Under Session

Saturday Coaches: Mickey, Jenna, TBD

Sunday Coaches:  John, Trevor, TBD

  • SPY Stretch 2:30pm
  • SPY Pool 2:40-3:00pm Sat Lanes 1-4; Sun Lanes 1-3
  • Meet Starts 3:10pm
  • Saturday Session ends 6:30pm
  • Sunday Session ends 6:00pm

Deck entries will only be taken as space allows in each event. No new heats will be added. Deck entries will be accepted during warm-up only for that session. Deck entries will cost $5.00 for individual events and $20.00 for relay events.


  • During the 11 & Over Sessions for Saturday & Sunday, FLY OVER Starts will be used to just keep the sessions moving but the meet will not rushed. SPY Coaches will review Fly Over Starts with swimmers so they understand what is expected.
  • yesAll Swimmers need to talk with Coaches immediately after their swimming event
  • All Swimmers need to check with coaches to confirm if they are on a relay or not before leaving the meet
  • Our team will be housed in the gym. Please dress appropriately because it is CHILLY...its COLD…really CHILLY. Bring warm clothes, blankets, and extra towels. Please try to share space. Lawn Chairs are welcome in gym area. 
  • Please be considerate to others since the gym may be very crowd, so share space with others.
  • There will be a Clerk of Course for the 10 and under events except for relays. The Meet is doing this so they can control the amount of traffic behind the blocks and around the timing table. Please be sure our SPY Kids report to Clerk of Course on the First call over the announcements. Please remind your athlete to listen and follow directions in the Clerk of Course
  • For those using Meet Mobile App, meet is listed as2019 KEY Armed Forces Invitational
    • Reminder that Meet Mobile App are not official results
  •  Our swimmers should have their Names Marked on all their STUFF... there will lots of similar items that are all lying around in same area!!! Just trying to make life simple.
  • New Families and Swimmers please feel to ask our SPY Families for help and explanations! We are in this together! One Team!
  • enlightenedImportant please discuss with your swimmers and family: Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms, or locker rooms. Also, no use of these devices behind the starting blocks too. #SAFESPORT for all