Candlewood Cup Information MUST READ!!!

Candlewood Cup Information

Please read through the information below carefully!

12&Under Warm-up on Saturday and Sunday Morning

We will being warm-up for the 12&Unders at 7:10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Please have your athletes dressed and on deck by 7:00am!  If you are running late please email Coach Gordon.

Athlete/Spectator Numbers

We are expecting over 200 swimmers at each session of this weekend’s meet.  With everyone’s safety in mind, please consider only sending one parent or guardian with your swimmer this weekend.  We do have seating and standing room for parents to watch but we recommend clearing the area by the competition pool when your swimmer is not competing.  This will give everyone the opportunity to see their swimmer compete.  Personal chairs are not allowed inside the facility but can be used outside.  All team seating will be on the EAST (SCOREBOARD) side of the pool.  All spectators seating will be on the WEST (ROAD) side of the pool.  Spectators are prohibited from bulkheads, behind the blocks and the athlete side of the pool.  Failure to comply with these directives will result in immediate removal from the facility.  Thank you for your cooperation!

MAAPP Policy

  • This meet is conducted according to current USA Swimming Rules, including the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.
  • Make sure all interactions with athletes are observable and interruptible.
  • Deck changing is prohibited.
  • Remind your athletes of appropriate behavior in the locker room.  Use of any devices that record or take photos are prohibited in the locker room and changing areas.
  • There is a separate locker room/restroom for athletes and spectators, and one for coaches and officials. Make sure that you are only using the facility marked for you. Make sure you are not alone with an athlete in the locker room, including using the restroom.


Please see the attached parking map.  Only coaches and officials may park in the designated areas at the Youth Development and Aquatic Center (YDAC).  ONLY swimmer drop off at the entrance is allowed.  There is absolutely NO parking on any grass area!  All parking will be in the YMCA Lower Lot or Medical Building Parking Lot.  If you require handicap parking please contact in advance.


We still have a large number of volunteer positions available for this weekend.  With a meet of this size we need everyone to help out as much as possible.  There are over 25 volunteer positions for EACH session of the meet this weekend.  Every single volunteer position allows for you to watch your swimmer compete.  Please be aware with the size of the meet this weekend we are requesting extra help with parking attendants, meet marshalls and team awards.  We cannot run a successful meet without your help!  Thank you to those that have already signed up (and some more than one position!).

Friday's Timeline and Arrival Times

Swimmers in the 400IM and 12&Under 200's should arrive for warm-up at 4:30pm.

Swimmers in the 500's should arrive to warm-up at 6:00pm.

If you are running late please email Coach Gordon!




Thank you for taking the time to read all of this information!  GO MAKOS!