Winter swimming tips and weather policies

RUSH Families,

Year-round swimming means just that: we will swim all year around even in the cold. If practices are cancelled you will receive an email and the cancelation information will be on the home page of our website under "news." As the temperatures change please remember that the pool water is heated and that we have heaters on in both of the bathrooms. The water is kept at 82*! We will swim in the rain as long as the coaches can see across the pool. Listed below is our weather cancellation policy and a few tips to keep kids warm in the winter. 

Tips to stay warm and dry:
1. Keep dry-bag in the locker room with one towel and parka (or jacket)
2. Take wet (mesh) back to the pool deck and one towel (if not raining)
3. Bring 2 towels and parka to practice
4. When it is really cold kids can wait in the locker rooms for coaches to call them to swim
5. When kids get out of the pool grab their wet bag and towel and walk straight to the heated locker rooms
6. Bring hot chocolate or tea for them to warm up after practice. 


Weather Policy:
When coaches see thunderstorms in the area around the club they will cancel practice by 2:00pm. If thunderstorms might develop in the area the coaches will continually check the radar during practice to keep the kids safe. Coaches may cancel practice at anytime if thunder and lightning is apparent at the pool. 

When the coaches see a forecasted temperature of 33 degrees at any time between 4pm and 6pm practice will be canceled. We will make the call by 2:00 pm that day. This is to keep the kids safe on deck, and to prevent any mishaps in driving to or from practice, as Great Hills is a very hilly and windy area.

Parka Information: 
D&J Sports is doing everything they can to get the swim parkas to us. They are currently on backorder from Speedo and they will get them to us as soon as possible!