LCSC Coho Update November 7, 2019

LCSC Coho Update   7 November 2019


2019 Snowball Splash Entry Update
            In just four short weeks, our team is hosting the 2019 LCSC Snowball Splash.  LCSC has been hosting USA Swimming-sanctioned events throughout its 50-year history. The main purpose of hosting a USA Swimming-sanctioned invitational is to provide our team with a great swim opportunity in our own backyard. Another important reason for taking on this huge responsibility is the income generated for the team, offsetting some expenses incurred in providing the community a world-class competitive swim program.  By actively participating in the Snowball Splash, you show support for LCSC.
            The expectations for active participation have different meanings for swimmers and parents.  Coho swimmers are expected to participate as fully as possible in this Team Effort Meet by swimming as broad a range of events as possible.  Families are expected to take on a minimum of two sessions’ worth of volunteering and to make small donations towards stocking the concessions stand.  Special thanks to Krista Dessin, our meet director, and the LCSC Board of Directors, for their “all hands on deck” time and energy invested in preparations, and literally being on deck throughout the entire weekend!
            For our young swimmers, a weekend at the Livonia Rec Center is a comfortable place to learn about USA Swimming meets.  For swimmers new to the program, we have a short time frame to evaluate skills and select events for the Snowball Splash.  Each new swimmer has been assigned events coaches feel young athletes are capable of swimming.  Coaches will continue to help refine skills in preparation for next month, and adjustments may still be made to event selection up to the day of the meet.  For experienced swimmers, it’s an early December opportunity to swim a full range of events in a relaxed atmosphere.  This includes HS boys soon to be training at their respective schools able to participate in two USA Swimming events during the HS season.  It also includes HS girls that have trained with LCSC over the past year, and may be ready to jump in the pool for the team effort.  Racing the range of IMX events, and achieving an IMX score, directly impacts our team’s ranking in both the state and nation.
            Please review entries for your swimmers.  Many swimmers have had the chance to discuss event selection with the coaching staff.  Because this is our home meet, we are able to adjust entries to near the last minute.  Our goal is to support and challenge all of our swimmers with events they are capable of conquering.  An equally important goal is to have more experienced swimmers sign up for a full range of events throughout the weekend.  Any questions about event selection may be directed to Coach Paul or Coach Vince.