December Target Meets - Important Details - PLEASE READ!!!

I wanted to take a few moments to thoroughly explain each of the three (3) meets we are targeting in December. I encourage you to read through this email carefully. Please note that for both travel meets, we have blocks of hotel rooms at a reduced rate for SSC families ONLY.

NCAP Holiday Invitational - Held at the University of Maryland, December 13th - 15th. This is a qualifying meet, meaning your swimmer must achieve the time standards in order to compete. If your swimmer qualifies, I will be emailing you to confirm their participation in the meet. NCAP is a team travel meet, meaning that the athletes will travel together to and from the meet (via Coach bus), will stay with their fellow athletes in the hotel, have meals together, etc. The swimmers will be under the constant supervision of the coaching staff for the duration of the meet. Only 10&U swimmers are exempt from this and are permitted to travel and stay with their parents. Your swimmer has three remaining opportunities to qualify for NCAP - this weekend's LIE meet, next weekend's home meet (Turkey Trot), and the LIAC Thanksgiving Invitational. Although I am hoping it is not necessary, we will hold a final time trial on Monday, November 25th for one final chance to qualify. We will be holding a parent meeting in the near future to discuss the logistics and travel plans for NCAP, but Thursday, December 12th is our travel day. The swimmers will be competing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and will return late Sunday night / early Monday morning.

Turkey Claus Showdown - Held at the University of Maryland, December 5th - 8th. All SSC swimmers, Developmental through Seniors, are strongly encouraged to attend. This meet does NOT have qualifying times. As long as you have a legal time in an event, you can enter it. Times that qualify for the NCAP are not permitted (you cannot swim those events at Turkey Claus). Unlike NCAP, this meet is NOT a team travel meet. Swimmers travel with their parents, stay in the hotel with their parents, eat meals with their parents (although we normally organize a team dinner on Saturday night, and families often "self-organize" for lunches).

THIS IS IMPORTANT - YOU MAY SIGN UP FOR ANY PORTION OF THIS MEET THAT YOU WOULD LIKE. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND THE ENTIRE MEET. There are events Thursday night, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you want to attend the entire meet, great! If you only want to attend one day of the meet, great! Only want to do the weekend, great! It is entirely up to you how many sessions/days your swimmer competes.

This meet is on a great college campus, is basically the same distance away from LI as Penn State was the last few years, but is held in a vastly superior facility (one of the top in the country) and should be a faster meet than Penn State. We REALLY want to push our numbers up for this meet, as we think it is going to be a great experience for EVERY level of swimmer on our team!!

HAA Eagle Invite - Held at Hauppauge HS, December 13th - 15th. This is your local meet option if your swimmer does not qualify for NCAP or cannot attend Turkey Claus for whatever reason. The meet is held on Friday night (timed finals), and then Saturday and Sunday has prelims in the morning and finals in the evening.

As is the case for Turkey Claus, you can sign up for any portion of this meet - all days, one day, just weekend. It is entirely up to you. All swimmers that qualify for finals are expected to attend each evening, and swimmers MUST confirm whether they made finals or not before they leave prelims each day.

All SSC swimmers, Developmental through Seniors, should be signed up for one of the above listed meets. If you are unsure of which meet is right for your swimmer and your family, please email me and I will be happy to provide any additional info that I can and assist you in making a decision - Coach Ely -