ABE - TYO Flight Status Report and Fall Harvest Recap

Hello EMAC

We had some awesome efforts and achievements at the Fall Harvest Meet last weekend. 

Before I go into the achievements, I wanted to make it a point to emphasize that we responded to a tough week exactly how we needed to:  no excuses, great effort, resiliency.

We had great swims and we had poor swims, exactly as expected.  Through it all, though, our kids were resilient in less-than-optimal conditions.  In retrospect, it was the best opportunity for growth in mental toughness that we’ve had all season.  Many swimmers took advantage of it.

I’d like to take the rest of my time in this email highlighting some achievements and pressing for the best three weeks of effort from our swimmers as we prepare for our EMAC and SJAC meets. 


We've reached cruising altitude in our flight to TYO. 

Our swimmers have now logged 2031 Miles in our Flight to Tokyo!!!  Way to GO!!!!!

Don't let the "Cruising Altitude" comment fool you...lot's of work to "Cruising."


I was blown away on Friday night by some of our Bees and Wasp Group swimmers.   The most propulsive portion of any lap is the push-off and subsequent underwater fly kicks.  Our kids consistently outshined our competitors with their discipline and form into and off walls.  I posted two great examples on Twitter (@EMAC_Swim) from Griffin Messenlehner and Grace Robinson.  Be sure to check those videos out.  They were OUTSTANDING.

In those moments watching our young swimmers in the 500 it was evident that our coaches and swimmers in those groups are on the right track.  I haven’t been more proud of any efforts since joining this team. 

Two other swimmers, among many, that really impressed us were Graham Lovett and Kate Newhard.  Graham went trick-or-treating on Friday BEFORE coming to the pool to warm up and compete in his first-ever 400 IM.  He has made it known that he is chasing the EMACulate Swimmer award.  He followed that effort up with his first-ever mile later in the meet.  

Kate experienced what every swimmer who misses practice experiences....rust.  According to a discussion with her mom, she wasn't happy with her results on Saturday.  She used the experience to make some adjustments in eating, effort, and resolve.  The results were much improved swims on Sunday.  That is a great example of accepting a less-than-optimal opportunity and making progress.  

If every swimmer made a posiitve out of a negative like that, we would be untouchable.  


With their swims over the weekend, the following swimmers earned IMX scores:

  • Michael Iacobelli
  • Emi Laski
  • Emme Pechulis
  • Jack Reppert
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Andy Wendling
  • Matt Wendling

Keep those IMX Scores coming EMAC.  We now have 19 swimmers who have achieved an IMX score.  If you are on that list, our expectations are that you review your score and plan for progress.  


Click HERE to see the swimmers who earned new MA Champs Series cuts at the meet. 


Despite the less-than-optimal conditions, EMAC still produced 195 fastest times at the Fall Harvest.   I was not expecting that many fastest times.   That is great, but nobody brags in March about how fast they were in November.  NOBODY!!!   We have a lot of work to do yet, and our best swimming is yet to come. 

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