Swim International - Day 1

Day one of Swim International is in the books and it was a great day for BAC!

In the distance session we saw the Senior group step up in a big way, winning 10 Medals – including 4 Gold.

The evening session was equally as impressive, with strong performances from both our AG’s and SR’s. The 200Freestyles were excellent, with numerous swimmers advancing to finals and some huge best times! The 400Free/400IM Time Finals were equally as exciting, with 5 medals, including 3 Gold.


Here is a list of top 8’s:



Emily Smith – 2nd 13-14Girls

Fiona Liao – 5th 13-14Girls

Lexi McLean – 6th 13-14 Girls

Nadia Gillis – 8th 13-14Girls

Emma Cabral – 1st 15-16Girls

Alanna Casasanta – 2nd 15-16Girls

Gabby Casasanta – 3rd 15-16Girls

Abby Forster – 4th 15-16Girls

Camryn Payne – 5th 15-16Girls

Erin Gibson – 8th 15-16Girls

Connor Cabral – 1st 13-14Boys

Max Dobie – 1st 15-16 Boys

Tristan Berridge – 2nd 15-16 Boys

Nick Adams – 5th 15-16 Boys

Graydon Dickson – 2nd 17O Boys



Carter Scheffel – 1st 13-14Boys

Josh McDougall – 2nd 13-14Boys



Fiona Liao – 7th 13-14Girls

Emma Cabral – 1st 15-16Girls

Gabby Casasanta – 2nd 15-16Girls

Abby Forster – 3rd 15-16Girls

Camryn Payne – 4th 15-16 Girls

Mia Pelletier – 8th 15-16 Girls

Carter Scheffel – 2nd 13-14Boys

Josh McDougall – 7th 13-14 Boys

Max Pletch-Young – 8th 13-14 Boys

Max Dobie – 2nd 15-16 Boys

Tristan Berridge – 3rd 15-16 Boys


400Free Para

Angela Marina – 1st



Emily Smith – 1st 13-14Girls

Katrina Davis – 2nd 13-14Girls

Dylen Harrison – 4th 13-14 Girls

Niamh Kukla – 5th 13-14 Girls

Avery Slot – 6th 13-14 Girls

Alanna Casasanta – 1st 15-16 Girls

Gabrielle Eivers – 4th 17O Girls

Hunter Payne – 3rd 13-14 Boys

Austin Godwaldt – 6th 13-14 Boys


We are back in action tomorrow morning at 8am.


GO BAC!!!!