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Mandatory Parent Meeting Recap and Notes

Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for attending the meeting last night.   I know there was a lot of information, so the below outlines our time together.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

 Winter Practice Schedule Effective 11/12/2019

Platinum Group: 5pm-7pm . (dryland stays same days as before)

Gold Group: 5pm-6:45pm (dryland stays same days as before)

Silver Group: 6:15pm-7:45pm (no dryland, dryland will be done in water in the winter)

Bronze Group: 5:30pm-6:45pm (no dryland)

Novice: 5pm-5:45pm

Additional Notes on Days off in Novemeber:

Veterans Day Novemebr 11th, 2019 No Practice All Groups

Thanksgiving Week: Swim Monday- Wednesday as usual NO Practice Thursday and Friday.  Enjoy your family time!

Our HOME Swim Meet:  All families are required to volunteer for a total of ten hours during December 6th-8th.  Volunteers will check in on the day of to be given credit for the hours.  The ten hours can be one day or two days and include multiple jobs and multiple family members it is just a total of 10 hours per family.  We understand things happen and some families may not be able to donate the time.  In this case a $250 buy out is in place if you are unable to meet the requirement to be charged to your account after the meet. We are also taking donations for our snack bar and the sign up sheet is located under the event tab. Vounteer Sign Up is also availabe under the event tab on the home page.  Click on the word "Events" and then see Desert Home meet volunteer sign up.  Click job sign up and select the jobs you wish to do during the meet.

Remember as winter arrives we need help setting up and pulling covers nightly.  Please be on time and come in to ensure we have the pool ready for your children on time.  

If our home meet is your childs first meet please ensure they have a team suit for the meet.  ARENA team suits or Powerskins are available through CAS (icon on the bottom of the page)

Have an awesome week team!!!!

Desert Aquatics B.O.D