Good evening Wavemakers. I hope that everyone is staying warm and survived the first snow of the fall 2019 season. I have some news that I needed to share with you tonight.... 

It's with great sadness I have to deliver the news to you that we will NOT be attending the Gobbler Games swim meet this year. Unfortunately, once SCCY went through their entries they realized that they had 450 athletes signed up for their meet and they surpassed their original limit of 300 swimmers. I know this meet is a favorite for many of our swimmers and I am disappointed that I will not be able to see everyone swim after being on vacation for the last swim meet.  If I hear anything different about the meet I will let you know immediately but I do not hold much hope as I have heard that they are redefining their timeline to accommodate all the swims, eliminating the "fun" relays and only accepting scratches to the meet. I am looking at the silver lining for this meet that it maybe a good thing and this meet would most definitely run longer than any of us originally planned for all of the sessions. 
With all of that being said. In the morning I am going to look back at my notes from August to see where I can add another swim meet into our schedule so please keep an eye out and I will add that to the events and be sending out the meet information. Please make sure and declare/decline your swimmer as long as you know if they will be attending or not to help expedite the process of getting the entries sent back to the teams. 
This Wednesday ( this week) we will be having picture day during practice. At 5PM individual pictures will start and at 6pm we will be lining up for team pictures. Team group picture will be promptly taken at 6:15. Prior to that the Ripples, Whitecaps and Surge groups WILL NOT be in the water. After the team picture we will have a starts/turns/finishes clinic until 7pm. ALL swimmers may attend. Tsunamis will continue practice until 7:30pm and Hurricanes will practice until 8pm. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please have your swimmers wear their team suit that day, or a solid black suit. If your swimmer chooses to wear a shirt during the picture please have them wear either a team t-shirt, or a solid purple, black or gray shirt. 
If you have any questions please let me know! Have a great week! 
See everyone at the pool soon!