Recently, there have seemed to be lots of No-Shows at Meets. While we understand that things come up, and people get sick,however it seems to be the same people that just dont show and dont let anyone know. As soon as we send entries out to a host team, LBA is responsible for those fee's. Even if you realize a day after you sign up that there is a conflict, we still need to pay for that entry the day of the meet. At marist, it was calculated that there was approximately $300 in meet fees for no-shows. This is just throwing money out the window for no reason. 

This is unacceptable. If you are a no-show to a meet, you will be responsible for those entry fee's. Depending on the meet, these fees can vary. For a regular invitational, it is usually $5.00 per event. For championship meets (silvers, Jo's, Senior Mets) it can be $10-15 per event. And at some higher level meets, it can be as much as $20-$25 per event.