Swim Fest

The world is 71% water; children are 100% curious. 
How to be safe around water is one of the most important life skills someone can teach a child. Last year we awarded $13,358 in Swim Financial Assistance to help local children the opportunity to learn to swim. Our Financial Assistance program is made possible through generous donations to our Annual Campaign and through events like this.  


On Wednesday, December 4, we invite your child to join the YDC United Swim Team to help raise funds for the 2019 Annual Campaign. Here's how your child can help: 
  • Prior to December 4, pick up a pledge form from the coach or print your own from the YDC website. 
  • Ask family and friends for pledges; these can be a fixed amount or based on laps (a lap is 50 yards). 
  • On December 4, come to practice and swim! Coaches and parents will count laps. 
  • Turn in all pledge money prior to December 18.
We are so grateful that you and your family are part of the YMCA Aquatics Program. Thank you for supporting our team and our 2019 Annual Campaign through Swim Fest!