Weekly Update 11/12/2019

 We had a great weekend at the past meet! More on that in a moment!

Tuesday: Regular Practice, Safe travels if you can make it!

Wednesday: CHANGES Effective immediately: Group 2 will have dryland from 5:30-6:00, In the water from 6:00-7:15. Group 3 will have dryland from 6:00-6:30, In the water from 6:30-8:00. More, below.

Thursday: Regular Practice.

Friday: Sccy Gobbler Games, I am going to try to hold practice as well. It would be Dryland from 5:30-6:00 for Groups 2 & 3, Practice for all Groups at 6:00. 

Saturday: Gobbler Games Meet * See below**

Sunday: Regular Practice starting at 3.

*So, I was able to get dryland practices scheduled on Wednesday and Friday. They will be available for Groups 2 & 3 only. They will cost an additional $20 a month. We will start this week and allow everyone to try it out for this week and start registering for it next week. I think this will hlpe those swimmers built some strength and improve muscle tone which should carry over into the pool. Most of the exercises will be body weight exercises, jump rope, running, and core work.  We have slightly changed the times of those practices so that we could do the dryland first and then get in the water so that the kids can take a shower once and it will not take as much time transitioning from one to the other.  We pushed back Friday's practice a bit because of parental feedback that to make it at 5, it was hard for people to get off work to bring the kids, super close to when kids got off the bus, etc. I hope this change helps the majority of families.

The past weekend, my focus was really to see where some of the newer swimmers were at in storke development. I was really happy that our 8 and unders really had a lot of fun at the meet. For our youngest swimmers, having fun is essential. 

Our older and more experienced swimmers, we were working on some race pacing. I wanted to see if they could not only swim their races hard, but also smart. Some did a fantastic job. Some struggled with stroke technique with trying to pace. And, it really showed me exactly what I need to work on going forward with each of those swimmers. 

For mid-season meets, my goal is to see what gaps are in the kids racing. Do they need more endurance? Better understanding of racing strategies? Better underwaters? Turns? Starts? more stroke rates? Technique? All of those factors will be neccessary to have a successful season.  I saw that we really need a few more weeks on technique, the kids picked up racing strategies quickier than I thought, but we will need to increase stroke rates and that will be a focus in December.  

Lastly-GOBBLER GAMES. their meet this weekend had more teams than they were expecting. The result is that they are going to rework the timeline, getting rid of the gobbler relays. If you are in the second session Saturday Afternoon, it will likely start a bit later because of the high number of entries that they received. I will pass on additional information when we get it.

I hope everyone has a great week and is ready to get to work!