Stingrays News Update - week of 11/18/19

Happy Monday, Stingrays!

We are counting down the days to SEVERAL big events coming up (HINT: read all of this newsletter!) But our big headline this week is our need for volunteers for our FFYS Meet. We are thankful to the many parents who have already signed up to volunteer at the FFYS Holiday Meet. For the rest of you, please sign up for a MINIMUM of two volunteer slots by clicking  here. We are particularly in need of volunteers for the following positions:

  • Announcer - Sun AM
  • Recorder - Sun AM
  • Security - Sun AM
  • Heat Winner distribution - Sun AM (this is a great job for a swimmer sibling ages 10 & older)
  • Concessions, Sat & Sun - especially AM sessions
  • Timers - Sat & Sun AM and PM

Please don't wait...sign up for the meet and volunteer slots now...before the Thanksgiving craziness sets in. Trust me. You're going to forget, and then you're going to remember this email, and say, "dang, she was right." And no one likes giving me the satisfaction of being right. Just ask my husband. Right after you sign up. Herecheeky

If you haven’t signed up, you will be contacted shortly by our volunteer coordinators. They have a certain set of very specific skills, and they will find you. Oh yes. They will find you. devil

If your swimmer happens to have a lovely singing voice and is interested in singing our National Anthem at the FFYS Holiday Invitational, please contact our super awesome Meet Director, Mark D’Errico!


  • We have two changes to the practice schedule for this week:
    • Friday, November 22: Gold - 6:15-7:45pm @ North. No changes to any other group.
    • Sunday, November 24 – NO PRACTICES.
  • The Thanksgiving practice schedule has been posted here and the synced calendar has been updated to reflect the modified schedule!
  • TEAM PICTURE DAY IS COMING THIS WEDNESDAY!!! We ask that all FFYS swimmers come out for the team photo! And, just to sweeten that deal, if you come out for team photos you will be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon gift card!!! Don’t miss this great opportunity to SMILE and WIN!!! Here’s the details:
    • We will have Full Team Photos and Individual photos (for those that choose) taken on Wednesday, November 20 at North Farmington High School at 5:30pm. 
    • Please wear your team suit (or a plain black or navy suit, if you don’t have a team suit)!
    • Order forms can be downloaded here! They will also be available on Wednesday to fill out.
  • Our annual SKILLS & SKILLETS event is coming on Sunday December 1 from 8-11am at the YMCA. This is one of our awesome team-wide events! ALL SWIMMERS are invited to participate! Here are the details:
    • Our National and Senior swimmers will be running an elite stroke clinic from 8-9am at the YMCA, and then all the swimmers have a pancake breakfast afterward (prepared and served by our Senior/National parents)!
    • It costs $15 per participant, and the proceeds of this event help fund the National Team!
    • It’s a super fun event for parents and swimmers! Register for the event here. Volunteer to help with the breakfast here.
  • The FFYS Holiday Invitational (to be held at Waterford Kettering on December 7-8) is live in the system, and you can sign up for events and volunteer slots now! Remember that coaches are asking swimmers to participate in both days of the meet, and parents are required to volunteer for a minimum of two slots during this meet. Info about volunteering can be found in this newsletter.
    • Sign up for events here.
    • Sign up for volunteer slots here.
  • By now you should be checking INDY and Y State Cuts (found here). Swimmers should be entering the events in which they closest to those time standards at the FFYS Meet! We want to bring as many swimmers to INDY as possible. It is a great facility and a FAST pool!
  • Speaking of which…theINDY Circle City Classic Meet is LIVE in the system and you can sign up here! The deadline to sign up is December 9! Hotel info is found here! This is a USA Meet with minimum qualifying time standards.

And…the most exciting news…the Swimmer of the Week Award!

Miniray – Sydney Cox

Bronze – Chase Hougard

Silver – Lorelai D’Adamo

Gold – Bridie Hart

Senior – Andrew Pan

Congratulations to all for their great efforts and attitudes all week long! Keep it up!

This week in the pool:

Mini Rays and Bronze Group: We will spend one more day on breaststroke, breaststroke turns and finishes, and the pullout before moving on to butterfly, as we did not have Monday practice last week. We will also try to get some start work in this week.

Silver Group: We will spend a little more time on backstroke, freestyle, and their corresponding racing skills before getting into breaststroke, as we did not have Monday or Tuesday practice last week. Test sets this week are 200’s. Gentle reminder that if you are frequently cramping up at practice, you need to drink more water throughout the day. Full water bottles are also required equipment at practice.

Gold Group: We will continue to work on finishes each day in practice. Test set this week is 5 x 100s. We will also work more on open turns.

Senior Group: We will prepare for the RAYS meet this week. Dryland is Tuesday/Thursday. Test set is Wednesday. We will work on starts, turns, race pace & race strategy.

Things to ask your swimmer:


  • Tell me about the butterfly! Do you like it?
  • Are you excited to go to Skills and Skillets? (Sign up  here!)
  • What do you want to swim at the FFYS Holiday Meet? (Sign up  HERE!)


  • What is your goal for the 200s test set? How did you do compared to your goal?
  • Are you excited to go to Skills and Skillets? (Sign up  here!)
  • What do you want to swim at the FFYS Holiday Meet? (Sign up  HERE!)


  • Do you have a full water bottle? Are you drinking enough water during practice?
  • What is your goal time for the 100s test set? What stroke will you do? How did you do compared to your goal?
  • Are you excited to go to Skills and Skillets? (Sign up  here!)
  • What do you want to swim at the FFYS Holiday Meet? (Sign up  HERE!)


  • Do you have ALL of your required equipment and dryland clothes?
  • Tell me about your race strategy in your events!
  • Are you excited to go to Skills and Skillets? (Sign up here!)
  • What do you want to swim at the FFYS Holiday Meet? (Sign up HERE!)

Have a great week, Stingrays!