BASH update and BASH swim meet info

This week of our BASH meet has regular swim practices through Thursday, November 21,

NO Swim practices Friday, Saturday or Sunday, during the swim meet at the YMCA.

Our Physical Therapist is coming from 4-5 PM on Wednesday, if your swimmer is experiencing any shoulder issues, please stop by the Ferris Pool.

Hopefully our new team tee shirts will be available this week and be handed out to all team members.

Swimmers’ Information for November Invitational – November 22-24, 2019 (parent info to come later).

  1. Please be sure to be early for warm up! Warm up is import! Get use to the starting blocks, turns, etc.
  2. We have 190 BASH swimmers in the meet – 640 swimmers in the meet – be great hosts – clean up after yourself, report any issues to your coach or a parent, come with a positive attitude for the weekend. We will be crowded, but it has been worst! Saturday will be crowded, and Sunday has fewer swimmers.
  3. Wear ONLY BASH apparel and caps – New team Tee shirts will be handed out BUT Wear on Saturday ONLY!! Wear other older BASH shirts Friday and Sunday
  4. Seating –
    1. Friday – All BASH swimmers in the gym
    2. Saturday AM – Senior 1-2-3 & AG 1 in the Racquetball courts     
    3. Saturday AM – AG 2-3 in the Gym
    4. Saturday PM – ALL BASH in the Aerobic Exercise room above the women’s locker room, enter from Main Hallway across from the Offices
    5. Sunday AM – All AG1-2-3 & Senior 3 in the Aerobic Exercise Room, Senior 1-2 in Gym.
    6. Sunday PM – All in the Aerobic Exercise room.
  5. Warm up
    1. Friday PM All in Main Pool – 3:00 PM- Sr 1 set up and swim,
    2. Friday PM 4:00PM – Senior 2-3, 4:30 PM for AG 1-2-3
    3. Saturday AM all in Main Pool 6:20-6:55 AM – Senior 1-2 & AG 1, 6:50- 7:20 am is for Sr 3 & AG 2-3
    4. Saturday PM – All 10 and unders 1:05 – 1:25 PM in Main Pool
    5. Sunday AM All from 7:00-7:25 AM – Senior 1-2 in Ferris, Senior 3, AG 1-2-3 in Main Pool.
    6. Sunday PM – All 10 and unders 1:05-1:20 PM in the Main Pool.
  6. Food – we will have a snack bar, but be sure to bring some of your own HEALTHY snacks and drinks, plus extra towels, goggles, cap and a suit! Plus, warm clothes to wear between races.
  7. We need swimmers to read devotions for the beginning of each session, Interested?
  8. MEET Times –
    1. Friday Start at 6:00 PM until 9 PM
    2. Saturday AM start at 8:05 Am until 12:55 PM
    3. Sunday PM start at 2:15 PM, until 6 PM (most done at 5:30 PM after relays)
    4. Sunday AM start at 8:20 AM, until 11:30 AM (Mile 11:30-12 Noon)
    5. Sunday PM start at 1:55 PM, until 5:00 PM
  9. 10 and under swim both afternoon sessions, 11 and over swim Friday evening, Saturday Sunday AM’s