Weekly Update 11/20/2019

Dryland (In admin room behind 

Front Desk)

Pool Practice

Level 2 5:30-6:00

Level 3 6:00-6:30

Level 2: 6:00-7:15

Level 3 6:30-8:00


Level 1 5:30-6:30

Level 2: 6:30-7:45

Level 3: 7:00-8:30

Friday Level 2 & 3 5:30-6:00

Level 1: 6:00-7:00

Level 2: 6:00-7:15

Level 3: 6:00-7:30


Level 1: 3:00-4:00

Level 2 3:00-4:15

Level 3: 3:00-4:30



If you need a team cap, Please email your order to Angie Schott. So far we only have a few orders. We will not be doing another order any time soon. So if you want a team cap, please let her know. The information is : 

The caps take 3-6 weeks to come in once ordered, so we'd like to place the order very soon. If you would like to place an order, please email Angie Schott [email protected] by  FRIDAY, November 15th. In the email, please include your contact information (phone number and email) that's best to reach you at, as well as the following statement completed:
The name I would like personalized on my swimmer's cap is: _____________.  I would like _____ (in multiples of 2) caps. 
We will charge your account just like we do for swim meets. Angie Schott will send out a confirmation of what she on order for everyone after the 15th with what we are charging your account.
 In addition: Our team store is open.
You can do all of your order online and we will have it delivered to us and we will distribute. This should make things really easy for you. I would like to encourage all swimmers to have a team shirt moving forward. 
To order, just go to this website to place your order. We are not marking up the cost of any of the merchandize, so this is the price that we have gotten directly from the supplier. DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 14th WHEN THE TEAM STORE WILL CLOSE. The process is quick and easy. Thank you Anige Schott for working on all of this!
Lastly, I need to know if you are planning to go to the Christmas Classic. I selected is the closest meet I could find, but, it is still almost 2 hours away and a 3 day meet.  So far I have only 2 signed up, and one of them is my own son. I will be sending that meet out and please let me know if you plan on attending. If we do not have atleast 5-6 swimmers, we may try to find another option. December is a busy month, but I don't really want to wait until January for our next meet. 
This week and next we will be working on a lot of breast stroke and butterfly. We are slowing increasing our distance and endurance levels. 
We will not have practice on Thanksgiving. I plan to have practice on Black Friday for anyone that is around. I know my kids will need to burn off some steam and energy so plan to join us if your kids are in town. If you are traveling for the holiday, I hope you have safe travels!