Hello EMAC,

We have some important items to communicate regarding our SJAC Gator Classic meet.  Please read thoroughly.  For those of you attending the team trip, please click the link under Team Trip to get all of your important information in addition to what is listed below.  


Last year we won this meet, posting over 600 fastest times.  We would like to do that again.  However, it is going to be MUCH more difficult to accomplish that. 

In the morning preliminary session last year there were 260 swimmers.  There are over 400 swimmers in those sessions this year, with several teams bringing faster swimmers.  Competition is up, and we are ready for the challenge.  Regardless of the outcome, we want to swim as fast and have as much fun as we did last year. 


If you are going on the trip, please click HERE do all three of the following asap.

  1. Confirm accuracy of our list of swimmers attending the trip
  2. Complete the meal plan registration
  3. Complete and turn in the EMAC Travel Code of Conduct


Relays are on Saturday and Sunday during prelims.

EMAC has a policy that the team pays for relays. 

Relays are special, but no swimmer is entitled to swim in a relay.   Many factors go into assigning relays:

  • Swimmer recent performance
  • Swimmer history of performance
  • Trustworthiness of swimmer
  • Coach goals for the relay
  • Swimmer Attitude
  • Parent Attitude
  • Swimmer event format for session

In some instances, we will put our fastest swimmers in the relay.  In other instances, we may try to spread our swimmers out evenly across several relays in order to try to score more points. 

Sometimes swimmers who are assigned to a relay don’t show up.  Sometimes coaches make mistakes. Regardless, we will be assigning relays based on our gut instincts on-deck the day of the meet. 

If you have questions about relay assignments, please wait until the weel following the meet.


The following coaches will be attending the meet.

  • Coach Doug
  • Coach O
  • Coach Seth
  • Coach Mandy
  • Coach Phil
  • Coach Greg
  • Coach Omar
  • Coach James


The 400 IM and 500 FR are positive check-in.  Our policy is that swimmers should be accountable to check themselves in.  Coaches will not be babysitting the check-in sheets.  If your swimmer is signed up to swim these events, their first move when entering the building is to check themselves in. 


Please read the text below taken directly from the meet information:

Any swimmer who does not swim in a pre-seeded preliminary or a pre-seeded timed-final event will not be penalized. Any swimmer who positively checks in for a deck-seeded event and does not swim that event will be barred from their next individual event, either on the same day or next day. Any swimmer who qualifies for A-Finals or B-Finals in a Prelim/Final event and does not swim that heat will be barred from his/her next event (including relays), unless the swimmer has either scratched or indicated their possible intention to scratch within thirty (30) minutes of the announcement of the preliminary results of that event and confirmed their intention to scratch within thirty (30) minutes of the announcement of the preliminary results of that swimmer's last individual event at the preliminary session. A swimmer who does not confirm his/her intention to scratch will be seeded into the event. Swimmers who are announced as alternates after seeding the final heats will not be penalized.

In short, if a swimmer checks-in to a race or fails to show up for a final without properly scratching, he/she will be penalized by being forced to miss their next event.  If your swimmer has questions, have them ask their coach. 

EMAC’s policy is that if you make finals you should be there for your team.  You can’t score points for the team if you don’t show up for finals.  Swimmers MUST get confirmation from Coach Seth, Coach Doug, or Coach O before scratching a final swim. 


At this meet, the swimmers sit in a gym adjacent to the pool.  Have your swimmer bring sweat pants, t-shirts, sweathshirt, socks, shoes, extra towels and foldable chairs in order for them to remain comfortable.

We will have our banner in the pool area, and our new backdrop in the swimmer area!!!

We are looking forward to some seriously fast swimming and a lot of fun!!!