Thanksgiving Local Boxes

Blue Ash Y could still use a little help trying to meet our donation of Thanksgiving Local Boxes for local families.  

If you want to donate food for a box please see me during the meet tonight and tomorrow.  I can get you a box and a checklist.  


Aluminum Roasting pan and a Chicken (uncooked, the Y will refridgerate these until they are delivered).  Should feed at least 2 people.

5-10 lbs of baking potatoes or sweet potatoes

1-2 lbs of carrots

2-3 cans of corn

2-3 cans green beans

2-3 cans peas

2-3 cans peaches

2-3 cans pineapple

2-3 cans fruit cocktail

2 boxes stovetop stuffing (or equivalent)

2 cans of canned cranberry sauce

1 package gravy mix 

1 package of dinner rolls

1 package of cake mix or dessert mix

1 Kool-Aid or lemonade mix

1 container ground coffee or tea bags

The cost per list has run about $35 at Kroger (Aldi may be cheaper).

Let me know if you want to help out with this community project.  Boxes will need to be dropped off to Blue Ash Y no later than Sunday afternoon.

Swim Fast this weekend!

Coach Ed