Timing at Out of Town Meets


Thanks to those of you who have stepped up and timed at out of town events!  You truly understand this is a "volunteer" based program that without you will not succeed.

Parents that have not signed up to time - I need you all to step up and do your part when it comes to timing.  I have a full time job, just like most of you, and do not have time to beg and plead for folks to time.  Going forward if the timing spots are not filled by the Thursday before the meet I will go alphabetically and assign timing spots to the folks that have attended the most out of town meets first.  If you do not show-up for spots that are assigned to you you will be charged.  Easy way to keep us out of this forced situation is to volunteer and do your part.

Questions and comments can be directed to April Poley, Board President.

Thank you for your understanding.