Nothers Day 2!

The BAC had another great day of racing on Day 2 of the Nothers Invitational. Leading the way with Gold Medals were Katrina Davis and Jack Tran. Here is our list of top 8 results:


4x50Medley Relay

11-12 G – Madden Ruprai, Maddy Gruenwald, Abigail Fellinger, Anna Myers – 4th

11-12 B – Brendan Gibson, Jack Tran, Leo Huang – 2nd

10U G – Emma Brock, Isabella Blasdell, Olivia Svec, Isabell White – 4th

15O G – Emma Cabral, Alanna Casasanta, Gabby Casasanta, Abby Forster – 2nd

15OG – Erin Gibson, Ashley Blasdell, Gabrielle Eivers, Angela Marina – 8th

15OB – Graydon Dickson, Max Dobie, Lei Wu, Tristan Berridge

13-14G – Fiona Liao, Lexi McLean, Emily Smith, Katrina Davis – 2nd

13-14B – Hunter Payne, Joshua McDougall, Carter Scheffel, Connor Cabral – 5th


Seth DuChene – 4th 11yrB

Emma Cabral – 2nd 16OG

Angela Marina – 4th 16OG

Erin Gibson – 5th 16OG

Camryn Payne – 8th 16OG

Katrina Davis – 3rd 13yrG

Nadia Gillis – 5th 13yrG

Austin Godwaldt – 4th 13yrB

Max Pletch-Young – 8th 13yrB


Maddy Gruenwald – 4th 12yrG

Jack Tran – 1st 12yrB

Abby Forster – 3rd 15yrG

Carter Scheffel – 2nd 14yrB


Abigail Fellinger – 5th 12yrG

Olivia Svec – 2nd 10UG

Katrina Davis – 3rd 13yrG


Jack Tran – 1st 12yrB

Leo Huang – 7th 12yrB

Gabrielle Eivers – 4th 16OG

Camryn Payne – 5th 16OG

Max Dobie – 6th 16OB

Hunter Payne – 4th 13yrB

Austin Godwaldt – 7th 13yrB


Maks Pokorski – 5th 11yrB

Garrett Sallans – 6th 12yrB

Abby Forster -5th 15yrG

Emma Cabral – 2nd 16OG

Angela Marina – 4th 16OG

Katrina Davis – 1st 13yrG

Niamh Kukla – 7th 13yrG

Hunter Payne – 6th 13yrB

Carter Scheffel – 2nd 14yrB


Brynn Scheffel – 5th 11yrG

Maddy Gruenwald – 3rd 12yrG

Abigail Fellinger – 5th 12yrG

Sophie Dube – 8th 12yrG

Maks Pokorski – 4th 11yrB

Jack Tran – 1st 12yrB

Leo Huang – 3rd 12yrB

Justin Reeder – 4th 12yrB

Brendan Gibson – 6th 12yrB


Max Dobie – 5th 16O Boys

Tristan Berridge – 6th 16O Boys