HS Girls have a successful season!

Our HS girls completed their HS seasons on November 16!  Each year the Piranhas see a ton of athletes compete for their respective HS teams.  Our girls compete for nine different HS’s across the metro area including, Benilde St. Margaret, Bloomington Kennedy Eagan HS, St. Anthony HS, Southwest HS, Richfield HS, Visitation, and Washburn HS.


Piranhas see their HS athletes competing at all levels throughout the state from JV Champs, to Section Champs, and State Championship meets the girls make their presence known.  We saw best times, Team Records, Section Champs, and State Champs!


Congrats to the following HS girls on their seasons.  We are looking forward to seeing you back at RMS!


Brenna McLean (St. Anthony)


Ella O’Connell (St. Anthony)


Natalie Greymont (Bloomington Kennedy)


Leila Haque (Eagan HS)


Iris Huerta (Visitation)


Elinor Glass (Visitation) - Section Champ in 100 BR, 7th place in 100 BR at State, State Champ in 200  Medley Relay, 2nd place in 200 Fr Relay at State


Maddie McGrath (Visitation) - 12th place on 100 BR at State


Quinn Elsenbast (Benilde St. Margarets)


Hannah Hintermeister (Richfield) - Section Champ in 200 IM and 100 BR, 11th in 200 Medley Relay at State, 6th in 200 FR Relay at State, 3rd in 200 IM, and State Champ in 100 BR


Maya Burkstrand (Richfield) - Section Champ in 500 FR, 11th in 200 Medley Relay at State, 6th in 200 FR Relay at State, 6th in 200 FR at State, and 3rd in 500 FR at State


Laura Hosar (Richfield)


Amara Ramirez (Richfield)


McKay Hall (Richfield)


Emily Garcia (Richfield)


Sigrid Schwarzkopf (Southwest) - 9th place 400 FR Relay at State


Natalie Hanka (Southwest)


Anna Lee (Southwest)


Veronica McHugh (Southwest)


Anika Johnson (Washburn) - 12th 200 FR at State, 13th 500 FR at State


Britta Lundgren (Washburn) - State qualifier in 200 Medley Relay


Ella Lang (Washburn) - State qualifier in 200 Medley Relay


Ally Peterson (Washburn)




Fun notes:


  • Hannah Hintermeister was the second state champ in the 100 BR from the Piranhas since 2015 when Colin Glass won the State Championship AND three Piranhas ended in the top 16 at state in the 100 BR (Hannah, Elinor, and Maddie)
  • Maya Burkstrand snagged the meet record with her 500 FR swim at the section meet held at RMS
  • Ella Lang and Britta Lundgren made their first HS State Meet for Washburn

Pictured above in Elinor Glass and Hannah Hintermeister at State.