SJAC Meet Information - Important

Hello EMAC Families,

There is a lot of information to cover for the SJAC meet coming up rather soon.  Please read through this entire email as it covers a lot of meet details for the weekend. Psych Sheets can be found HERE


Dear Coaches,

Please ask your swimmers to shower before entering the pool or at the hotel before they dive into the pool and no peeing in the pool.  

This will help our chemistry of the pool but also help their skin and lungs throughout the whole weekend!


I have attached the following:

We will be collecting toys to distribute to CHOP's Cystic Fibrosis Center.
Board Games, Playing Cards, Puzzles, Fun Socks, Hats, Markers, Crayons, Coloring Books, Mad Libs, Gift Cards, Stickers, Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Crafting Kits, Balloons (deflated) Fun Straws & Tissues.

Please ALL Teams Bring Toys for the kids at CHOP who have CF!!! 
You can drop toys off at any time during the meet at the check in up front.
Our goal is to fill 25 Backpacks!

Iron Hill is sponsoring the Gator Classic so please stay after the meet to talk!  Also please visit the Coliseum Café and Iron Hill.  Both are sponsoring the Gator Classic and 20% of all proceed will come back to SJAC.  Please use the coupon in your coaches’ packet at Iron Hill.

The Coaching Staff will be wearing the purple CF shirts one day at the swim meet! We will let our swimmers know which day we are planning on wearing these shirts so anyone who picks up purple gear can support the cause as a team.


The Meet Host reached out to inform us of new additions to the Meet this season!  Take a look at the new additions coming to the SJAC Gator Classic this year!

  • Meet Records
  • Individual High Points for each Age Group
  • Team high Points for each Age Group
  • Awards for the top 3 Teams
  • Meet Bag Tags


Full Warm-Up information can be found HERE. Do not be late to warm-up as their is no opportunity to warm you up in the main pool during the remainder of warm-up.  If you are running late please notify a team member or email a coach right away!  Anyone not in attendance at warm-up who does not notify the coaching staff of their situation runs the risk of being scratched from the session!

  • Thursday: 4:25-4:50 Lanes 0-4
  • Friday
    • 13&Over: 7:25-7:45 Lanes 0-7
    • 9-12's: 12:30-12:40 Lanes 5-9
  • Saturday
    • 13&Over: 7:25-7:45 Lanes 0-5
    • 9-12's: 12:00-12:20 Lanes 8-11
  • Sunday
    • 13&Over: 7:25-7:45 Lanes 0-5
    • 9-12's: 12:00-12:20 Lanes 8-11


EMAC is responsible for two timers in each of the following sessions:

  • Friday Sessions 2, 3, and 4
  • Finals Sessions 7 and 10
  • Thursday Session - Each Swimmer needs to provide their own timer (We can have our team mates time for us)


SJAC is requesting help with officiating during the meet.  If you are an official, please donate your time to help run the meet smoothly. It is also a great oppotunity to be down on the pool deck seeing your kids swim without a wall of coaches/swimmers to look through!

SJAC Gator Classic Sign-up Genius


  1. The meet will follow USA Swimming rule 207.11.6D and rule 207.11.6E for scratches from finals.
  2. A swimmer who fails to scratch from finals within the deadlines outlined in rule 207.11.6E and then fails to swim the event at finals will be barred from further competition for the remainder of the meet.
  3. In addition, the club of a swimmer who qualifies for finals or consolation finals and fails to compete in that final during the last session of the meet and doesn’t properly scratch from the event in accordance to the above procedures shall be fined $50 for each occurrence.

Ontop of this scratch rule, EMAC has a no scratch policy when it comes to swimming in Finals. Occasionally a swimmer will be allowed to forgo a Finals swim based upon coaches decision and meet goals.


  • Thursday - Any EMAC Shirt
  • Friday - White
  • Saturday - Grey
  • Sunday - Blue


See you at the pool!