Message from the Dartmouth Crusaders President

Dear Club Members,

My name is Jody Crowther and I am the new Club President. The new Board and I are very pleased to welcome everyone back for the 2019-2020 season of the Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club! We have a large number of new swim families this year, either new to the Crusaders or new to the swimming community. To those families, a special welcome to a great organization! The Club works hard to be an open organization where kids can learn and grow to love the sport of swimming. We have a terrific slate of coaches from our Head Coach, Michelle Wilson to the rest of her team

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our Club and the new season is in full swing with our 50th Anniversary Celebration, Age Group and Novatech meets already under our belt. This will be the first full year that we are back in our home pool after the Zatzman Sportsplex renovations and we are all very excited! We will be hosting our first meet at the Sportsplex in January and planning is well underway (if you haven’t been tapped to help yet by either Meet Manager, Nicole Humble, or our VP Admin, Krista Chen, I am certain you will be!).

The Crusaders have a proud tradition of community involvement and volunteerism and that involvement is repaid to us many times over by our supporters and sponsors. Over the next few seasons the Board and our volunteer Chairs will be working hard as we build the Club and grow our membership to continue to be a swimming powerhouse in Nova Scotia.  The Club runs on the strength of our volunteers – many hands help the various events run more smoothly – and to that, I would like to make a personal appeal to all members to look beyond just meeting their minimum commitments and lend a hand whenever available. This will help make for a very positive experience for our swimmers (and you!). As a former swimmer, former Swim Coach and now swim parent, I know that the friendships that I made have had a great and long-lasting impact on my life, and I wish this same experience for all of our swim families.

My “door” is always open so please feel free to email me at

Thank you and have a great year!


Jody Crowther, President

Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club