Nothers Meet Report

The AG, SR and CD3 groups had a great weekend of racing in London, with plenty of best times, dozens of new qualifying swims and more than 30 medals! 

Here are the highlights:

75% or better best times

              Emma Adams

Tristan Berridge

Isabella Blasdell

Emma Brock

Jennie Brock

Daria Ciochon

Sophie Correggia

Katrina Davis

Graydon Dickson

Seth DuChene

Sophie Dube

Abby Fellinger

Nadia Gillis

Jack Gollan

Madelyne Gruenwald

Leo Huang

Jacob Lubbers

Ellery  McLean

Lexi McLean

Anna Myers

Hunter Payne

Madeline Pedley

Sofia Robertson

Roy Sallans

Brynn Scheffel

Oliver Stack

Chloe Svec

Olivia Svec

Jack Tran

Isabell White

Top 8 Finishers

Nicholas Adams(15)- 5th 1500fr,

Tristan Berridge(16)- 4th 1500fr, 6th 200IM,

Ashley Blasdell(15)- 6th 50 br,

Connor Cabral(14)- 5th 1500fr

Emma Cabral(16)- 1st 1500fr,1st 400IM,2nd 200fr,2nd 50 fr, 4th 50fly

Alanna Casasanta(15)- 1st 1500fr,2nd 400IM, 6th 50 fly

Gabby Casasanta(15)- 1st 50 fly, 4th 1500 fr, 4th 400IM

Daria Ciochon(12)- 6th 200IM

Katrina Davis(13)-1st 200fly,1st 200fr,3rd 50fr 3rd 100bk,4th 400fr 5th 100 Fr,

Graydon Dickson(17)- 8th 1500fr

Maxwell Dobie(16) - 4th 50 fly, 5th 200IM, 6th 100fly, 6th 800fr

Seth DuChene(11)- 4th 50fr ,6th 50 fly,

Sophie Dube(12)- 4th 200IM, 8th 50br

Gabrielle Eivers(17)- 4th 100fly, 6th 1500fr, 7th 50fly

Abby Fellinger(12)- 5th 100bk, 5th 50br

Abby Forster(15)- 3rd 1500fr, 3rd 200br, 5th 200fr, 8th 400IM

Nadia Gillis(13)- 1st 50fly, 5th 50fr, 5th 50bk, 8th 100bk

Brendan Gibson(12)- 5th 200IM, 6th 50 br,

Erin Gibson(16)- 5th 50fr, 8th 50bk

Austin Godwaldt(13)-4th 50fr, 7th 800fr, 7th 100fly

Madelyne Gruenwald(12)- 3rd 50br, 5th 200br, 6th 200bk, 8th 800fr, 8th 100br

Dylen Harrison(13)- 4th 200fly

Leo Huang(12)- 3rd 50br, 7th 100fly, 8th 100br,8th 100fr, 8th 200bk

Niamh Kukla(13)-7th 200fr, 8th 1500fr

Fiano Liao(14)- 6th 100fly, 8th 50bk

Angela Marina(20)-2nd 400IM, 4th 200fr,4th 800fr, 4th 50fr, 5th 50fly,

Josh McDougall(14)- 7th 800fr

Ellery McLean(12)- 5th 200bk

Lexi McLean(14)- 7th 50br

Anna Myers(12)- 7th 200bk

Camryn Payne(16)- 3rd 1500fr, 5th 100fly,5th 400IM, 8th 50fr

Hunter Payne(13)-1st 200fly, 1st 400fr, 3rd 800fr,4th 100fly, 6th 100fr, 6th 200fr,

Max Pletch-Young(14)- 8th 50fr

Maksim Pokorski(11)- 1st 200bk, 2nd 50bk,3rd 50fly,4th 50br,5th 200fr

Justin Reeder(12)-4th 50br

Roy Sallans(12)-6th 200IM, 6th 200fr,

Brynn Scheffel(11)-1st 200bk,3rd 800fr, 4th 50br,6th 100fr

Carter Scheffel(14)-2nd 200br, 2nd 200fr,3rd 800fr 4th 400IM,6th 50fly

Emily Smith(14)-, 2nd 50fly, 3rd 1500fr, 3rd 400IM,

Oliver Stack(9)-7th 100bk, 8th 50bk

Olivia Svec(10)-2nd 100bk

Jack Tran(12)-1st 100fly, 1st 200br, 1st 50bk,1st 50br, 3rd 800fr

Meet Qualifiers


Nicholas Adams-50fly

Emma Brock-50bk,

Alanna Casasanta-50fly

Seth DuChene-100br,200br,50fr

Sophie Dube-100fr

Abby Fellinger-50br

Abby Forster-400IM,200br,

Nadia Gillis-50fly

Brendan Gibson-100fr,

Austin Godwaldt-100br,50fr,

Madelyne Gruenwald-100br, 200br,

Dylen Harrison- 200fly

Leo Huang-100fly,200br,800fr

Niamh Kukla-50fr

Fiona Liao-100bk, 100fly

Josh McDougall-800fr

Ellery McLean-200bk

Lexi McLean-200br,50br

Hunter Payne-100fly,200fly,

Roy Sallans-200fr,800fr

Brynn Scheffel-100fr, 50br

Isabell White-50fr

Scarlett White-50fr

Ontario Youth Junior Champs

Max Dobie-100fly

Jack Tran-100fly, 800fr

Ontario Swimming Champs

Emma Cabral-1500fr

Carter Scheffel-400IM

Record Breakers

Angela Marina – Canadian Para Records:

800Free, 200Free, 400IM