Candy and pride at the Candy Cane classic!

For the second year in a row, our club sent swimmers to Edmonton to swim in the Candy Cane Classic at the Kinsmen Sport Centre in Edmonton. Twelves swimmers, ages 9 to 14, took part this year.

Mina Lockhart battling for the finish in butterfly.

Mina Lockhart (blue PBSC cap) battles for the finish in butterfly.

Mina Lockhart and Madeleine Kapraelian built off of their success at the Western Canada Summer Games to win big. In lieu of medals, winners were awarded candy to go with the meet’s theme. With a gruelling schedule that ended up with them swimming a total of 17 races each, they came away with enough candy to open up their own sweet shop.

Madeleine Kapraelian took two first-place finishes, two second-place finishes and a third place.

  • Gold - 50 breaststroke, 100 free
  • Silver - 50 free, 100 breast stroke 
  • Bronze - 200 free

Mina Lockhart achieved three first-place and four second-place finishes.

  • Gold - 100 Butterfly, 50 freestyle, 400 freestyle 
  • Silver - 50 Butterfly, 200 IM, 200 backstroke, 50 backstroke 

Chris Ketchum held up the end of the male swimmers by placing third in a fantastic 100m backstroke final. He ended the weekend with five top 10 results. 

Julianne Leclerc came away with three top 10 swims despite being bottom of her age group.

Julianne Leclerc competes in breast stroke.

Julianne Leclerc gives it her all in breaststroke.

Exciting relay races saw the 14-and-over girls relay team win first in the 4x50 free and second in the 4x50 medley relay made up of Ella Ireland, Scarlett Robb, Mina Lockhart, Madeleine Kapraelian and Julianne Leclerc.

Especially noteworthy was Scarlett Rob, who swam double the relays only minutes apart and posted Personal Bests to help her team win.

Rookie swimmers Orlee Duru, Tony Shi and Magalie Hottin posted five PBs each. 

Kara and Morgan Nelson are up and coming Polar Bears consistently swimming PBs and coming into their own as veteran competitors.

Head Coach Carol Lockhart was super happy with the results, noting that backstroke was definitely a focus for the club this fall. Coaches Kirsty Ketchum and Gina Ridgely did a great job getting the athletes prepared and their work on backstroke definitely paid off. Julianne Leclerc and Scarlett Robb finished in top eight in the backstroke despite being at the bottom of their age groups. Chris finished 3rd with fantastic final race and two of Lockhart‘s second place finishes came in the backstroke as well. 

The leadership displayed by senior swimmers Ella Ireland and Madeleine Kapraelian was outstanding. Each took the responsibility of mentoring the junior swimmers to heart and ensured that everyone was able to swim to their potential. 

YKPBSC Silver and Gold Squads head south to Edmonton for the Vivos JP Fiset Invitational Swim Meet on Dec. 12-15. 

Thanks to Coach Carol for this fantastic update!