KSC Hosts Successful Invitational

Last Month the Killarney Swim Club hosted its annual Invitational.  This year’s competition attracted over 500 swimmers from Alberta and BC.  KSC was represented by 121 swimmers.

Home field advantage was obvious in the team’s results.  Killarney took home the most medals, winning the competition with 130 medals including 37 gold! More importantly, over 700 personal best times were achieved by Killarney swimmers! Fantastic Swimming!

Many swimmers had individual break throughs, from winning an event for their first time, advancing to the finals, or setting a best time.    

Medal winners were Diana Arkipova, Reed Boucher, Cole Childrey, Kyra Colbourne, Paul Dardis, Liam Durda, Ranumi Eashwarage, Molly Fleming, Daniel Ford, Riane Gamayo, Metea Gigovic, Holden Gould, Brandon Hachey, Yasmina Hammoud, Matthew MacDonald, Kate MacLean, Samantha MacLean, Quinn Martell, Avery Mitchell, Balazs Moldovan, Ethan Ngo, Joy Phan, Alan Piatek, Calen Plana, EmmaRemezoff, Brooklin Rideout, Abigail Share, Maya Share, Nyla Smith, Bennett Strom, Victoria Strom, Katie Thompson, Isaac To, Charlie Trofimuk, Sam Wise, Jaxon Wolff, Peng Peng Xu, Ian Yacuk, and Pablo Zendejas.

Thank you to all the officials that volunteered to make this a successful event for our club.

The team is now gearing up for the December Peak Meets.  The 10 and under program competes this week at Team Photo’s hosted by Killarney.  The rest of the club will split next week for the JP Fiset and CASC Age Group Challenge.

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