Meet / Important Information
Meet/ Important Information

Hi All,

Parents, I had a talk with the boys today and I want you to know the following information as well. Athletes, please read the entire email as I left some stuff out at the meeting.

- Attendance policy will be enforced moving forward! Please communicate with me via email if you cannot come to practice. That way I have documentation if I forget.

- Practice is ramping up! All I can ask for is effort. We are setting the foundation for the rest of the season with a lot of drill work. That is only helpful if everyone applies the drillwork during practice. (Even when tired) 

- It is week 2 and I am trying to walk a fine line between understanding exhaustion, but also not letting anyone stop early or give less than their best. For anyone that is stopping in practice I expect that you are taking the necessary steps to recovery. Whether that be eating right and getting enough sleep, or rehab and stretching for tight shoulders, hips, etc. If you have questions on exercises or stretches for anything I am more than happy to share some with you. 

- The pool is warm and we are working hard. Please bring a water bottle every day! We have a new water fountain that I have not seen people using enough. I do not like people getting out mid set to get drinks of water, so having a water bottle is a must. 

- I highly recommend getting a foam roller. It is a great tool for recovery and can be used in front of the tv or while listening to music. I use mine every day! I can show anyone interested what my roll-out routine was while swimming with the Gophers.

- We are going to start using snorkels at practice. Bring yours Wednesday if you have it. If you have not bought one yet please do so. If money is a problem I will work with you to figure something out. Please communicate if money is a problem so I can make other arrangements.

Meet Info:

Divers- Your warm up is at 7:15 AM. Coach Nick will let you know what he would like for the meet. The meet starts at 9 AM. 

- I would like the swimmers to show up at 9 AM to cheer on our divers. At 10:15 AM I would like everyone changed and ready to get in the pool. We will then stretch together and get in for warm up at 10:30 AM.

- Please wear Blaine attire (or colors if you don't have any yet).

- Hydration and fuel is crucial for performance. I would like everyone to have a good breakfast prior to arriving. Please bring a water bottle as well. 

It is shaping up to be a great season. Get excited to race! 

Go Bengals and God bless,

Coach Erik