Website and General Info
Website and General Info

Hello Bengal Families,


Thanks for coming to the meeting today.

Here is some of the suit and Cap information from today. 

Team Suits - Hopefully the suits will be here on Saturday but I am not going to make any promises. Here is the cost for the suits.  I would like to collect the suit money on Saturday. 

Here is cost break down of the suits

  •  Year 1 - 2 swimmer 25% discount = $30.40 per Jammer or $24.75 per Racer

  •  Year 3 - 4 swimmer 50% discount = $20.25 per Jammer or $16.50 per Racer

  •  Year 5 - 6 swimmer 100% discount

Personalized Swim Caps - We are looking at having personalized swim caps made for this season.  They take 4-5 weeks to print.  So we need to get orders in ASAP. The cost for a swim cap with your last name on it will cost $30 for 2 silicone swim caps.  I will be taking order on Saturday. 

Optional Swim/Dive Clothing order - There is an online clothing store available from Rebyl sportswear.  Please follow the link below to order.  All orders are due by December 1st. THATS TOMORROW! blaine_swim_dive/shop/home

From Nick PLEASE log into your account on the website (LINK) and update any information for your account and any members you have under it. All information you can put on there will be helpful. Emails, Phone numbers for parents and athletes, suit sizes, addresses, Birthdates, all are great things . Here is a link to an instruction sheet that may help (CLICK HERE)



Your coaches,

Erik, James, and Nick