Bengal Swim and Dive Suits, Caps and Clothing
Bengal Swim and Dive Suits, Caps and Clothin

Good Evening Bengal Swim and Dive Families:

Here is some information about the upcoming week.

1) Cub Bagging - TOMORROW!! Tuesday November 26th, 4pm until 8pm - Cub Foods off HWY 65 and Main St. - This is fundraising for our team and a team building event.  Wear your Bengal Swim and Dive clothing and bring an extra sweatshirt for the new swimmers to borrow.

2) Parent Meeting - Saturday November 30th, 8:50am - Come meet the new coaches, find out information about the season, meet the other parents and there will be coffee and donuts!!!

3) Team Suits - Hopefully the suits will be here on Saturday but I am not going to make any promises. Here is the cost for the suits.  I would like to collect the suit money on Saturday. 

Here is cost break down of the suits

  •  Year 1 - 2 swimmer 25% discount = $30.40 per Jammer or $24.75 per Racer
  •  Year 3 - 4 swimmer 50% discount = $20.25 per Jammer or $16.50 per Racer
  •  Year 5 - 6 swimmer 100% discount

4) Personalized Swim Caps - We are looking at having personalized swim caps made for this season.  They take 4-5 weeks to print.  So we need to get orders in ASAP. The cost for a swim cap with your last name on it will cost $30 for 2 silicone swim caps.  I will be taking order on Saturday. 

5) Optional Swim/Dive Clothing order - There is an online clothing store available from Rebyl sportswear.  Please follow the link below to order.  All orders are due by December 1st. blaine_swim_dive/shop/home

6) If you have any questions about the above topics please feel free to contact me directly.  Heather Erickson 763-257-5064 or

Looking forward to meeting the new parents and seeing some old faces on Saturday.  Don't forget your checkbooks!!!  Have a great night everyone!!!