NTS Governance Committee

Dear North Texas Swimming Members,

Thank you to all the athletes, volunteers, coaches, and officials who attended the HOD meeting this past Sunday.  As we move into the 2020 year with the new NTS By Laws, we are looking for interested members willing to serve on the Governance Committee.  The Governance Committee is a strategic group that will serve NTS and fulfill the duties similar to an executive management team.  This committee is key in establishing a positive climate and culture for NTS, where they will unite to improve North Texas Swimming to better serve our athletes, solve problems, and make a positive difference in the world of swimming.  We need people who are strategic thinkers and positive leaders, either in swimming or in a professional field, who collaborate with good communication and listening skills and manages his/her emotions under pressure.  The list of duties for the Governance Committee are copied directly from the NTS By Laws (see below).  We need 4 adult members and 1 athlete member to serve; if you are interested in serving the NTS Governance Committee, please click on the following link.  The link will be open until December 6, 2019.

7.4.3 DUTIES (1)To assist in periodic evaluation of the mission and vision statements and the Bylaws of NTSI; (2)To aid in the development of operating policies regarding conflict of interest (Board and staff), document retention, ethics, whistle-blower, procurement, contract review, grievance and other employment-related practices, etc.; (3)To aid in the development of personnel practices procedure including job descriptions and annual review of staff; (4)To ensure that the Board’s focus remains on the strategic plan; (5)To aid in the development of expectations and processes for accountability of Board members; (6)To develop criteria for the qualities and required characteristics of Board officers; (7)To lead Board succession planning by assessing current and anticipated needs for Board composition and identifying and recruiting potential Board members; (8)To nominate Board members, Administrative Review Board members, or chair positions to be elected by the House of Delegates consistent with the matrix of skills, demographics, and talents needed; (9)To publish the slate of candidates to the NTSI membership at least fourteen (14) days prior to the election. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the House of Delegates by voting members of the House of Delegates; (10)To design and implement Board orientation and an ongoing program of Board education and development; and (11)To lead periodic assessment of the Board’s performance (as a whole and of individual members) and make recommendations to enhance Board effectiveness.

Suzanne Dangelmaier
General Chair, North Texas Swimming
Director of Operations
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