Holiday Practice & Team Store

 THE UPDATED HOLIDAY SCHEDULE IS DONE! And Holiday Challenge is ready to go out. I will hand out tonight for all those whom are here, I will also post on our website. Please RSVP for what HOLIDAY Practices you will be attending so that we have enough coaching staff here for the kids.

THE TEAM STORE IS CLOSING SOON. This will be your last chance to get team spirit wear. You can do all of your order online and we will have it delivered to us and we will distribute. This should make things really easy for you. I would like to encourage all swimmers to have a team shirt moving forward. 

To order, just go to this website to place your order. We are not marking up the cost of any of the merchandize, so this is the price that we have gotten directly from the supplier. DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 14th WHEN THE TEAM STORE WILL CLOSE. The process is quick and easy. Thank you Anige Schott for working on all of this!

Lastly, Please check your bags for gear that may not be your child's we have some paddles that have gone missing and other gear. I am certain this was not done intentional, but I would appreciate if everyone can check their bags.  It is a good idea to mark your child's gear with a sharpie so we can tell who owns what!