HOBC vs Oak Meet Report

Our Intros 1 and 2's and CD 1 and 2's were in action this past weekend at our HOBC meet vs Oakville. See below for all of our awesome results. Congratulations to all our athletes who competed in their first sanctioned competition!

75% or better best times
Sophie Adams
Audrey Appell
Kieran Barry-McLean
Branek Cicci
Leah Constable
Genevieve Culshaw
Kasper Denkiewicz
Ryan Dickens
Max Doyle
Emmy Ellis
Matthew Fletcher
Clare Fries
Emma Fries
Sophia Gillis
Kinleigh Gardner
Rowan Goosen
Ariella Gruenwald
Josephine Gruenwald
Isla Haase
Dustin Hobbs
Olivia Hobbs
Mulan How
Kamrynn Johnson

Gabrielle Lassau
Alicia Liu
Annika Lounsbury
Sophia Lounsbury
Kingston McGaghran
Jasleen Panchi
Audrey Pedley
Sophia Pereira
Sebastian Pokorski
Blade Richardson
Jordan Richardson
Reese Richardson
Tyson Richardson
Daniella Roque
Alejandra Roque-Teat
Ava Russell
Julia Sanche
Danielle Shebrek
Kingston Skrodzki
Matthew Skrzypek
Callum Smith
Morgan Smith
Cole St. Aubin
Alyssa Sysiuk
Katelynn Thistle

Alexia Valcu
Nicholas Valcu
Lucas Van't Spyker
Annika Wahtras
Riley Wood
Top 8 Finishers
Sophie Adams- 1st 200fr, 1st 50fr, 2nd 25br, 5th 25fly
Audrey Appell-1st 50fr, 2nd 200fr, 2nd 25br,2nd 25fly
Kieran Barry-McLean- 1st 25bk, 1st 25br, 1st 25fr, 2nd 25fly
Branek Cicci- 1st 50fr, 2nd 25bk, 3rd 25fly
Sophia Cicci- 2nd 24fr, 3rd 25br, 4th 25bk
Genevieve Culshaw- 1st 100bk, 1st 100fr, 1st 100IM, 2nd 50br
Kasper Denkiewicz- 4th 25fr, 6th 25bk, 8th 50fr
Ryan Dickens-3rd 25bk, 3rd 25fr
Max Doyle- 1st 25bk, 1st 25br, 1st 25fr, 2nd 25fly
Emmy Ellis- 4th 25fr, 5th 50fr, 7th 25bk
Matthew Fletcher- 1st 25bk, 2nd 25fr, 2nd 50bk, 2nd 50fr
Clare Fries- 1st 25fr, 3rd 50fr,
Emma fries- 1st 25bk, 4th 50fr, 5th 25br, 5th 25fr
Sophia Gillis- 1st 25fly, 1st 25fr, 2nd 25bk, 3rd 50br
Kinleigh Gardner- 3rd 25bk, 3rd 50bk, 8th 25fr
Rowan Goosen- 5th 25bk, 6th 50bk, 7th 25br
Ariella Gruenwald- 6th 25bk, 6th 25br, 8th 50fr
Josephine Gruenwald- 1st 100bk, 1st 100fr, 2nd 25fly, 2nd 50br
Isla Haase- 1st 25bk, 1st 25br, 2nd 25fr, 2nd 50fr

Dustin Hobbs- 1st 200fr, 1st 25fly, 1st 50bk, 2nd 50br
Olivia Hobbs- 1st 25fly, 1st 25fr, 2nd 100bk
Samual Hopman- 1st 100bk, 1st 100fr, 1st 35br, 1st 25fr
Mulan How- 2nd 50fr, 2nd 50bk, 3rd 100IM, 3rd 50br
Kamrynn Johnson- 3rd 25fr, 4th 25bk, 5th 50fr
Gabrielle Lassau- 2nd 25fr, 3rd 25br, 3rd 100bk, 5th 100fr
Annika Lounsbury- 2nd 100br, 3rd 200fr, 3rd 25fly, 3rd 50bk
Sophia Lounsbury- 2nd 50bk, 3rd 50fr, 3rd 25bk
Kingston McGaghran- 3rd 50bk, 4th 25fr, 4th 25bk, 8th 50fr
Lily Ouellette- 1st 200fr, 4th 100IM, 4th 50bk, 4th 50br
Jasleen Panchi- 1st 100IM, 1st 200fr, 1st 24br, 1st 50bk
Audrey Pedley- 2nd 25bk, 3rd 25fr, 7th 50bk
Sophia Pereira- 2nd 25br, 7th 25fr
Luke Phillips- 1st 100br, 1st 200fr, 1st 25fly, 1st 50bk
Sebastian Pokorski- 1st 100bk, 1st 100fr, 1st 25fly
Blade Richardson- 1st 25bk, 1st 50fr, 2nd 25fr
Jordan Richardson- 4th 25bk, 5th 25fr, 6th 50fr
Reese Richardson- 2nd 25bk, 4th 50bk, 6th 25fr, 7th 50fr
Tyson Richardson- 1st 100br, 2nd 100bk, 2nd 100fr, 2nd 25bk
Daniella Roque- 1st 25bk, 1st 25br, 3rd 100fr, 3rd 50bk
Ava Russell- 1st 25 fly, 1st 50br, 2nd 100fr, 5th 50bk
Julia Sanche- 8th 25bk, 8th 50bk
Danielle Shebrek- 2st 25fr, 3rd 50fr, 6th 50bk
Kingston skrodzki- 7th 25fr, 7th 50fr
Matthew Skrzypek- 1st 100IM, 1st 50bk, 1st 50br, 1st 50fr

Callum Smith- 2nd 25fr, 2nd 50fr
Morgan Smith- 1st 100bk, 1st 50br, 2nd 100fr, 100IM
Cole St.Aubin- 2nd 25bk, 2nd 25fr, 2nd 50bk, 2nd 50fr
Alyssa Sysiuk- 2nd 100bk, 2nd 25fr
Katelynn Thistle- 1st 100br, 1st 100fr, 1st 50fly, 2nd 50bk
Alexia Valcu- 2nd 50fr
Nicholas Valcu- 5th 25bk, 6th 25fr
Lucas Van't Spyker- 2nd 25br, 3rd 25bk, 3rd 25fr, 4th 50fr
Annika Wahtras- 1st 100br, 1st 50bk, 1st 50fr, 2nd 100IM
Riley Wood- 2nd 50fr, 2nd 25fr, 4th 25br, 5th 50bk
1st time Racers
Leah Constable
Emmy Ellis
Clare Fries
Kinleigh Gardner
Ariella Gruenwald
Kamrynn Johnson
Alicia Liu
Sophia Lounsbury
Sophia Pereira
Reese Richardson
Alejandra Roque-teat
Julie Sanche
Danielle Shebrek
Riley Wood

Kasper Denkiewicz
Ryan Dickens
Matthew Fletcher
Kingston McGaghran
Blade Richardson
Jordan Richardson
Callum Smith
Cole St.Aubin
Nicholas Valcu