REMINDER: ISI Meet Info: 9th Annual ECST Blizzard Blast

Hello Dolphin Families!

This message contains information regarding timeline, psych sheet, preliminary heat sheets, and volunteer request for the  ECST 9th Annual Blizzard Blast ISI meet this weekend, December 13 - 15.
Location: The Centre of Elgin, 100 Symphony Way ,  Elgin, IL 60120
The  timeline for each session is available on the  meet splash page. Continue to check the splash page for psych sheet and any other updates. You can also refer to the meet packet for additional details. 
**Volunteer Request**
It's unsure at this time if volunteer timers will be needed. 
Additional Notes
  • Positive check will be in the pool lobby at the Centre, just before you enter the pool. Check-in will close 20 minutes after warm ups begin.  Each swimmer must highlight their event numbers to be seeded properly. Swimmers missing check-in will only be placed where any openings may occur regardless of original seed time and at the discretion of the Meet Referee. 
  • Results may be posted to Meet Mobile during the meet. 
Meet Schedule***Be sure to check in through positive check in and with the WDST coach on deck.
Session Day WDST Check-in Positive Check-in Closes Warm Up Meet Start
 1 Friday  4:00pm   4:50pm  4:30pm  5:30pm
2/5 Sat/Sun Morning  7:30am  8:20am  8:00am 9:00am 
3/6   Sat/Sun Afternoon 11:30am  12:20pm  12:00pm*   1:00pm
4/7  Sat/Sun Evening  3:30pm  4:20pm  4:00pm*  5:00pm

*Warm-ups will not start before this time.

More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Coach Sharon