EMAC Posts 805 Fastest Times At SJAC Gator Classic!!!

EMAC had an amazing showing at the SJAC Gator Classic.  Here are a few highlights.

  1. 805 Fastest times.  Click HERE for improvement/standard report.
  2. 7 Triple Crown Winners.  Click HERE for details on our Triple Crown Winners.
  3. 24 Swimmers swam 100% fastest times.  Click HERE to view them.
  4. 38 Senior Champs Cuts. Click HERE to view them.
  5. 31 JO Cuts.  Click HERE to view them.
  6. LOADS AND LOADS of Silver Champs and Bronze Cuts.  Click HERE to see first-time cuts.

The meet is over and it's time for us to take the lessons we've learned and apply them so that we can get better results in March.

If you had the meet of your life, you may be in a danger zone.  Athletes are most likely to get complacent following periods of success.  In order for you to swim faster in March, you have to avoid feeling like success comes easy.  You will be disappointed if you allow yourself to become complacent. 

If you had a disappointing meet, you are in the prime situation to evaluate and assess what you need to do differently to bring about a better result.  What an opportunity to learn that in December rather than March!!!

In fact, I'd rather have 100 swimmers with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove than 100 complacent swimmers.   

The perfect example, and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing for the benefit of others, is Lauren Sharp.  At the conclusion of the 2018 SJAC meet she stood on the pool deck in tears. She was not at all happy with her meet.  We talked about the potential value of having a bad despite the feeling, there was value in that experience if she was willing to grow through it.   She walked off the deck resolving to have a better meet in March.  The rest is history...she won the District XI Championship as a Freshman, going 1:04.9...just 2.5 months after going 1:09.0 at SJAC.  

The key to our success isn't how fast we swim in December: it's the lessons we've learned, the work we are prepared to do, and mindset that we take forward.  

Keep up the great work, EMAC.  We will providing a Flight to Tokyo Status Update shortly.