VIVOS JP Fiset Day 1 Results

13 December 2019 (Edmonton, AB) - The VIVOS JP Fiset Memorial Swim Meet up in Edmonton has gotten underway with the OSC hosted event featuring all sorts of fast swimmers from across Western Canada - including your Big Blue Machine with a crew of nearly 50 swimmers (48 give or take!). When you take those 48 add it to the 112 in the Age Group Challenge … plus the 6 in Toronto for the OJI that is nearly 320+ Cascade Swimmers all competing today across Canada!

First night up saw a club record in the girls 15-17 4x200m Free Relay as Payton Kelly, Liz Harper, Emma Sutton and Gray Almasi put down a collectively prodigious 8:31.03 relay swim which lopped off nearly 20 seconds from a club record that goes all the way before snapchat even existed - 2005! Payton led out in 2:05.56, Liz was next in 2:10.22, then it was Emma in 2:06.47 and finally Grayson anchoring in 2:08.78. The old mark as we had mentioned had stood since 2005 and was a time of 8:43.51.

Medals came in the 800m freestyle from Corah Wilson with a new lifetime best time of 9:36.18 a drop of more than 13 seconds that gave her the bronze in the girls 13-14 age-group. 

In the boys 800m free event Dawson Sheehan continued to make some big headway with a 9:04.13 swim that gave him the silver medal in the 14-15 year-old category and a new lifetime best by more than 7 seconds. 

Our open boys saw big Will Bissett crush down a silver medal swim of his won with a 8:38.21 swim which was a PB by 3 seconds. He was followed by Hayden Woodrow who dropped more than 10 seconds of his own to take a bronze place finish behind Will.

The 13&U boys had the 4x50 FR relay tonight (the other swimmers were doing the 4x200 FR) and our quartet of Parker Deshayes, Jason Yang, Max Angus and Hudson Wowk were solid in all their splits with 28.51 in the lead out spot from Parker, 29.08 from Jason who went second, Max was 28.47 and Hudson Wowk anchored in 26.81 for the bronze in 1:52.97.

The big boys were in the 4x200 as we mentioned and some of whom were just up right after their 800 swimming the two events literally within minutes of each other! Will Bissett led out in 1:59.67, Hayden Woodrow followed up next with a 1:58.41 then it was Willem Pretorius in 2:01.12 and Jacob Windsor in a big 1:55.18. Final time for the boys was a solid silver medal showing in 7:54.38.

Racing continues all weekend long - you can follow the goings on of our crew on all our social media channels and through the results links below!

Some other big drops from the night:

800 Free

Madilyn Connell 10:51.29 12.25.62 (Old PB)

Alexa Warren 10:15.98 10:37.64 (Old PB)

Sophie Idle 9:41.98 9:47.47 (Old PB)

Roan Clifford 9:34.97 9:57.29 (Old PB)

You can follow the clubs adventures in the Arctic by clicking on the Follow Results link of our website or by going directly to the following link.