Swim4Funz$ 411


SWIM 4 FUNZ$ 411

WHITE I 4:30-5:15

RED 5:20-5:50


SR/BLUE II 7:10-8:10 PM

Good morning,

  • Swim4Funz$ is almost here!!! 
  • Please arrive on time for your group and check in your swimmer off of the rosters that will be on the yellow wall by lane 8.
  • Please take your food items to the Multipurpose Room and place where you see similar items.

Deck Setup folks

  • Chairs behind each lane in shallow end.
  • Clipboards and pens/pencils by each chair.
  • Sheets for swimmers names on each clipboard

Body Marking –COACHES will help here!!

  1. We will write a number on each swimmer’s arm so we can keep track of who they are!
  2. Please make sure you write their number by their name on the counting sheet.
  3. After the swimmer is done with their swimming, we will write the number of COMPLETED LENGTHS!! On their HAND
  4. We will count 1 length at a time (EACH WAY/25 IS A LENGTH- A LAP IS 2 LENGTHS/50 ) PLEASE COUNT LENGTHS only in hash marks in increments of 5’s so easier to count at the end.
  5. After swimmers are done they can write their name and their lengths on the large poster paper along side the record book and take a photo too!! 
  6. They will be exhausted, happy, proud , hungry all at the same time!!


  • You may turn in any money tomorrow if you have it. DO NOT TURN THESE INTO THE FRONT DESK AT THE YMCA until WED 18th or later
  • After tomorrow you will be able to turn your money into the front desks, at Central or West and they will keep in the safe for Enid Hagerty or myself to pick up.
  •  Want to earn prizes? to earn these all money needs to be turned in by January 10th (red white blue steel water bottle $75 earned, in addition, if you raise over $175 you get a custom fleece blanket with swimmers name on it)  
  • If you do not participate in swim4Funz$ at all, your account will be billed $50 on February 1st.

What if I lost our sheets?

  • We have extras at the pool.

What if I cannot make my time slot or my swimmer is sick or at a performance that day?

  • We can set up a time to do this at another time. This is really the only situation for any make up practices. Please arrange with your swimmer's coach. 

any questions!!

please ask!!

See you all tomorrow night!!