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Masters Weekly Announcements Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Masters Weekly Announcements
Saturday, December 18, 2019


FYI - 2020 USMS Membership Renewal Due ASAP

--Must be a 2020 USMS member for Polar Bear Challenge   

1.  Team Unify Accounts
2.  Polar Bear Club Challenge
3.  Annual Holiday Toy Drive
4.  Short Course Meet Schedule
5.  Words from Coach Mark 


 Congratulations to James Tobin for receiving the SPMS Club Swimmer of the Month Award for December for his performances at the SCM Championships and his 4 team records!!!




1.   Team Unify Member Accounts


Please update your Team Unify Account (phone, credit card, emails, address).

In addition, please check your Member tab to make sure that all the information is filled out and accurate (emails, phone numbers). 

There are many members that do not have emails listed in their member section.




2.   2020 Polar Bear Club Challenge

All swimmers must be 2020 USMS registered.


You can go to  USMS MEMBER REGISTRATION  to complete your 2020 Registration.


 Here's how to do it:

Swim between Monday, December 9th and Sunday, January 5th (4 weeks) and make as many practices as you can. (27 days)
(No Christmas Day)

Membership is available at TWO levels depending on the number of practices attended.

All are invited to a pizza party in January to help celebrate the winners.


GOLD – 19 practices

Gold level membership entitles the swimmers to



SILVER – 15 practices

Silver membership entitles the swimmer to a FREE PIZZA




3.   Annual Holiday Toy Drive


toy drive.jpg



Here are the details:

Toy Drive started on Today, 12/4 and will end this Friday, 12/20.

The Toys are being donated to the children of the City of Mission

Viejo adopted headquarters battalion of the 1st marine division.



4.   2020 SPMS Short Course Meet Schedule


01/12       Sun 
Mission Viejo Short Course Yards



01/18       Sat  
Fabulous Las Vegas Masters SCY at UNLV

02/01       Sat  
Palm Springs Short Course Yards

02/08-02/09     Sat-Sun  
Rose Bowl Short Course Yards

03/20-03/22     Fri-Sun   
San Luis Obispo Long Course Meters

04/05       Sun 
UCLA Short Course Yards

04/23-04/26     Thu-Sun 
USMS National Short Course Yards Championships
San Antonio, TX                     



5.   Words from Coach Mark


Freestyle Tip Review

-- Breathing, Reaching and Pausing

Remember to exhale almost immediately, without a lot of force and not fully. Hum your air out and leave a little in tank. Try not to "suck and tuck" your air- this will cause you to need more air!

Don't wait until you are turning your head to get your next breath to exhale, as you will not have enough time to get your next breath. "Extend" your forearm forward and reach out, keeping
your hand/arm at a slight downward angle to avoid "dropped elbows". (But slightly wider than your shoulders.)

Think about pressing your armpit down and attempt to
place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
Reach wide, but toward the end of the pool.
The hard part is NOT to let your hand cross over in front of
your head (your centerline).

Reaching across feels like reaching forward in the water, however, this will cause you to zigzag down the pool. Be aware that when you breathe, your arm/hand will tend to want to drift toward the
centerline as you turn your head back toward the bottom.

With this arm, you may need to over-emphasize an even wider entry, and may even feel like you are swimming lopsided. After your hand enters the water there should be a slight pause, (while you reach) before you initiate the pull.


You may think that you are slowing down since you are gliding and pulling right away, you are actually still moving forward at this point. This will allow you to lower your stroke rate, increase efficiency, lengthen out your body, and allow the bubbles from the surface to escape your hand and arm before you begin your pull. The pause will eventually shorten when your tempo and speed increases.















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