Some reminders for our Senior Swimmers!

Some Friendly Reminders for Senior group LBA Parents & Swimmers

Based on some observations & conversations over the last few weeks, the coaches have spoken a lot about expectations of swimmers that we have in the 3 Senior groups. At this point of their swimming career, this is something that they should own for themselves & want to do. The swimmers should want to be at practice and understand that even though it is not always fun (it is hard work!), it is necessary if they want to get faster. After all, isn’t that why you go to practice? The 3 Senior coaches have noticed that there are quite a few Senior Swimmers that just don’t want to be at practice. And quite honestly, this is not fair to the child or the coaches. We as coaches are there to help each and every swimmer be the best swimmer they can be. But we can not get in and do it for them! And at this point of the season, it is more than obvious that a few Senior swimmers really don’t belong in the Senior training group. Whether it is them coming in late, leaving early and quite honestly just taking up space during the time they are swimming, this is not ok. We have so many Senior Swimmers who come every day and are work horses, will work until they are red in the face and physically hurt after practice. And then we have some who just swim up and down the pool with no effort or enjoyment. (and are just a distraction to the others) Think about it, would you like to be forced to do something you didn’t enjoy for 2 hours a day? If you really want to know who is working and who is not, all you need to do is come & watch a practice or two, (but the key is to not let your child know you are watching).  Believe it or not, some swimmers will only work hard when their parent is watching.

The bottom line to this is: DO NOT FORCE YOUR CHILD TO SWIM! Have a conversation with them and find out if they really do enjoy it. As kids get older, you may find that some activities which they once enjoyed, they no longer do. People grow & Change, allow them to do something they truly enjoy. Swimming is a long, expensive, physically & mentally demanding/draining sport, and that goes for each and every swimmer, whether they love it or hate it.