What a great night it was during swim4Funz$! The energy was awesome and I cannot thank all of you enough who volunteered and came to watch your kids be successful at this challenge!!

(We have posted photos on the GTBY Swimming fb page from that evening.)

This fundraiser is the best as it is fun, builds confidence in your swimmers.  Again thanks for all of your hardwork and this includes our coaching staff as well.

What if we didn't participate?

If you didn't participate in the event, please do not pay for the $50 mandatory family fundraising fee  on your account or other.  We will bill your acccount in the 1st week of February.  The YMCA staff will not procede with this transaction.  

Please contact me if you have any questions!!! 

What if we missed the swim due to illness or school event?

Your swimmer may swim the event in the allotted time frame and you can count for them. Please make sure you let me know ASAP what the total  number of lengths was.


  1. For  prize eligibility- all funds at either front desk by January 10th.
  2. All checks should be noted with swimmers name so we can bucket the $ in the right acct.
  3. Please DO NOT hand anything to the front desk loose, PLEASE USE AN ENVELOPE AND SEAL IT, with swimmer's/family name on the outside

thanks again!!