December Meet Recap

What an OUTSTANDING month December has been for our program! As a team, GPAC was awesome in the two main meets we competed in this month! Before I get into the highlights from these meets I want to first thank all those GPAC parents who made the trek out to Penn State and/or Pittsburgh to support your child/children and all of the GPAC swimmers. I know it is not easy to set everything else aside for 3 or 4 days but your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

We had 102 swimmers compete in the NLAC Winter Splash and 98 swimmers compete at the Pittsburgh Christmas Meet and a total of 178 different swimmers who competed in at least one of these meets. This is OUTSTANDING participation! Here are some of the highlights from each meet:

NLAC Winter Splash:

  • 102 GPAC swimmers competed and earned a WHOPPING 412 LIFETIME BEST TIMES!!!
  • GPAC swimmers challenged themselves by competing in 39 NEW events!! These are events those swimmers never competed in before. Yes, lets get rid of those NT's in the program!
  • The following swimmers took on the challenge of competing in their first ever 500 free: Phoebe Alward, Connor Bogan, Chanelle Briscoe, Isabella DeVito, Riley Headrick, Will Johnson, Sam Kern, Reese Mulford, Nathan Newcomb, Aarav Shah, Ben Vicente and Klint Coll
  • A special shout out goes to our awesome group of 8 & under swimmers who made the trip out to Penn State and competed exceptionally well at this meet. Those swimmers are Johnathan Cook, Kevin Donnelly, Lucy Headrick, Bryce Jones, Alexandra Kolodzey-Russell, Matthew Kurian, Kobie Pawlus, Mia Przybyszewski, Megan Roser, RaeLynn Severa, Brayden Sprang, Keegan Sprang, Luke Vicente, and Riley Brennan.
  • Out of 6 possible events they were eligible to compete in or 7 events if they entered a distance event on Friday, we had a whole slew of GPAC swimmers who earned a minimum of 5 LIFETIME BEST TIMES each! Here are those swimmers who earned a minimum of 5 LIFETIME BESTS:  Kevin Donnelly, Alexandra Kolodzey-Russell, Mia Przybyszewski, Phoebe Alward, Nico Andrianato, Connor Bogan, Chloe Briscoe, Grace Cassidy, Madelyn Cassidy, Gabe Clay, Karrington Colon, Walker Cristinziani, Mackenzie Davis, Isabella DeVito, Colin Donnelly, Sean Dugan, Addison Esgro, Aiden Esgro, Tyler Fox, Alyson Geyer, Mason Givens, Sydney Griffin, Lindsey Harris, Riley Headrick, Allie Huck, Ava Klumpp, Sloane Konrad, Jack Marinaro, Nathan Newcomb, Ben Nguyen, Jenna Petrillo, Grace Popoff, Jake Rosenberger, Matt Roser, CJ Serad, Aubrey Severa, Owen Shaffer, Ryan Sprang, Kylie Stipes, Edward Tobler, Daniel Venuti, and Klint Coll...WOW!
  • We had some INSANE time drops at this meet. So many that I needed to make the cut-off at drops of 10 seconds or more to list or else the email would go on forwever. The following swimmers achieved ridiculous time drops of 10 seconds or more in at least one event: Phoebe Alward, Chloe Briscoe, Madelyn Cassidy, Mackenzie Davis, Riley Emmett, Aiden Esgro, Mason Givens, Emma Haley, Gabby Heitz, Danny Hillig, Sloane Konrad, Christian Kulach, Tripp McEvoy, Katie Milas, Reese Mulford, Ben Nguyen, Grace Popoff, Matt Roser, Aubrey Severa, Aarav Shah, Ryan Sprang, Caylen Taylor, Edward Tobler, and Daniel Venuti

Pittsburgh Christmas Meet

  • 98 GPAC swimmers competed and earned an INCREDIBLE 458 LIFETIME BEST TIMES!!
  • As a team, GPAC in 2nd in men's team scoring, 3rd in women's team scoring and 3rd in combined team scoring. Points were awarded for Top 8 finishes.
  • Just like the Winter Splash, we are very proud of our 8 & under swimmers who competed so well at this meet. The following are those 8 & under swimmersReese Emmett, Jude McGlinchey, Ava Melchior, Ellie Oakley, Trystin Smith, Brayden Sprang, and Keegan Sprang
  • GPAC swimmers recorded 153 individual Top 8 finishes and 33 relay Top 8 finishes! The following swimmers earned one or more individual Top 8 finishes:Luke Bickett, Bella Brennan, Chanelle Briscoe, Hayden Clay, Madelyn Cassidy, Jack Cummins, Allie Defrehn, Dolan Grisbaum, Roman Henry, Reese Hetzer, Kaelynn Jackson, Cole Jennings, Abby Kern, Tanner Jones, Lindsey Lett, Jack Levari, Melissa Lowry, Jonah Luetke, Michael McCarthy, Scarlett McGlinchey, Simone McGlinchey, Jude McGlinchey, Kylie McMurray, Dave McSorley, Ava Melchior, Casey Morgan, Matt Murphy, Jake Narvid, Ellie Oakley, Lydia Palmer, Nate Piccolo, Dan Porter, John Pyne, Kathryn Pyne, Christian Shenk, Sean Simms, Keegan Sprang, Ben Stanker, Isabella Valle, Peyton Ward, Lyndsey Warner, Shane Washart, Olivia Welsh, and Klint Coll
  • GPAC swimmers grabbed 10 individual gold medals and 3 relay gold medals at this meet. Congratulations to the following swimmers who earned individual gold in one or more events: Cole Jennings (13-14 boys 200 breast), Tanner Jones (Open Boys 1650 free), Scarlett McGlinchey (11-12 girls 50 breast), Kylie McMurray (11-12 girls 200 breast), Jake Narvid (Open boys 1000 free, 500 free, and 200 back), and Lydia Palmer (Open girls 100 breast, 200 breast, and 1650 free)Congratulations to the following GPAC relays for earning gold in a relay event: 10 & under girls 200 free relay- Simone McGlinchey, Jenna Petrillo, Nora Sandy, and Chanelle Briscoe;  11-12 girls 200 medley relay- Lauren Lett, Scarlett McGlinchey, Abby Kern, and Kylie McMurray;  10 & under boys 200 free relay - Christian Shenk, John Pyne, Klint Coll, and Luke Bickett.
  • The following swimmers achieved their first ever NCSA Jr. National Qualifying times: Cole Jennings, Dave McSorley, and Jonah Luetke
  • The following swimmers earned their first ever Middle Atlantic JO qualifying times: Geoff Redrup, Andrew Sheppard, Riley Husted, and Mark Wordelmann
  • GPAC swimmers established a MIND-BOGGLING 23 NEW GPAC RECORDS at this meet! The following swimmers established new GPAC records:
    • Cole Jennings - 13-14 boys 50 free, 100 free, 100 breast, 200 breast and 200 IM
    • Tanner Jones - 15-16 & Open Boys 1650 free
    • Jake Narvid - 17-18 & Open boys 500 free, 17-18 & Open Boys 1000 free, 17-18 & Open Boys 200 back
    • Lydia Palmer - 15-16 & Open girls 100 breast, 15-16 & Open girls 200 breast
    • Olivia Smith - 15-16 girls 50 back
    • Girls Open 400 medley relay - Olivia Smith, Lydia Palmer, Bella Brennan, and Melissa Lowry
    • Girls Open 400 free relay - Melissa Lowry, Lydia Palmer, Lindsey Lett, and Lyndsey Warner
    • Girls 15-16 200 medley relay - Olivia Smith, Lydia Palmer, Bella Brennan, and Lyndsey Warner
    • Boys 13-14 200 medley relay - Hayden Clay, Cole Jennings, Ben Newcomb, and Massimo Catania
    • Boys 15-16 200 free relayJack Poleto, Shane Washart, Tanner Jones, and Nate Piccolo
  • Jake Narvid established a new Pittsburgh Christmas Meet record in the men's open 1000 free with a time of 9:01.34 and was also awarded the individual High Point Award for the men's Open age group!

Side note: If you think I may have missed anyone from any of the lists above, please let me know.

As you can see, its was quite the successful month for our program. Congrats to all on these outstanding mid-season meets! Let's keep it going! There is still lots of work to be done but we are in position to make this swim season pretty darn EPIC!