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Masters Weekly Announcements Friday, December 27, 2019

Masters Weekly Announcements
Friday, December 27, 2019


FYI - 2020 USMS Membership Renewal Due ASAP

--Must be a 2020 USMS Member for Polar Bear Club Challenge to Count   

1.  Team Unify Account Update
2.  Polar Bear Club Challenge
3.  New Year’s Eve/Day Workout Schedule
4.  Mission Short Course Meet  
5.  Words from Coach Mark 



1.   Team Unify Member Account Updates


Please update your Team Unify Account (phone, credit card, emails, address).

In addition, please check your Member Tab to make sure that all the information is filled out and accurate (emails, phone numbers). 

There are many members that do not have emails listed in their member section.




2.   2020 Polar Bear Club Challenge



All swimmers must be 2020 USMS registered.


You can go to  USMS MEMBER REGISTRATION  to complete your 2020 Registration.


After today – Just 9 days left!  Will you make it?


GOLD – 19 practices

Gold level membership entitles the swimmers to



SILVER – 15 practices

Silver membership entitles the swimmer to a FREE PIZZA




3.   New Year’s Eve/Day Workout Schedule


December 31
5,6,9,12 (No Evening)

January 1, 2020



4.   Mission Short Course Meet  


Please sign up ASAP for the meet!!!


Sunday, January 12 
Mission Viejo Short Course Yards






5.   Words from Coach Mark


Our Seasonal Plan for the Short Course Yards Season focuses on the Competitive/Fitness/Triathlete swimmers (Jan.- April)

Weekly Workout Emphasis:

Mid-Distance, Sprints, Distance, Stroke/IM

We will primarily train and gear our workouts for all swimmers in mind with the climax of the season being SPMS/SW Zone Championships and the USMS SCY Nationals in San Antonio for the 50th anniversary of USMS.



During this season, we will also train on all systems with a focus on vo2, sprints, race strategy, all stroke techniques, flip turns and starts.

Achieving this requires that we focus on the development of the following 5 elements:

Skills: Fundamentals, timing, breathing, and balance

Technique : Drills, perfect strokes, maximum distance per stroke, proper kicking

Endurance: the ability to sustain speed and be fatigue resistant

Turns: fast, powerful, explosive with great streamlining

Starts: Strong, powerful, explosive with great streamlining

Always remember too - Finishes, Starts, and Turns are vital to success.

However, as it is with excellence in all fields of endeavor, PRACTICE DOES NOT MAKE PERFECT. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! 


Good Luck! 






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