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San Diego Meet Recap

Day 1 Prelims Highlights

The morning brought us 77% best times and 50% of our races qualified for Finals! We earned new SWAGR, Far Westerns, Age Group Zones, Senior Zones, Sectional Bonus, A/AA/AAA times!

• Ellie swam a best time in the 100 Free and also qualified 7th overall for Finals in the 50 Breast!
• Charlie dropped over 3 seconds in the 200 Free to make Finals, sliced over a second in the 100 Fly to finish as 1st alternate and also dropped 11.11 seconds in his 1000 Free to finish 3rd overall in the 13/14s!!!
• Lilla swam almost 2 seconds faster in the 100 Free and swam a best time in the 50 Fly to qualify as an alternate for Finals.
• Akim earned a spot in Finals in all 3 of his races (100 Free, 200 IM, 50 Fly), highlighted by a 7+ second drop in the 200 IM and a AA best time and 4th overall seed in the 100 Free.
• Lily (in her 1st ever travel meet!) dropped a second in her 100 Freestyle!
• Veronica swam 2/2 best times in the 100 Breast and 200 IM, moving up 11 total spots and removing 5.5 seconds in the process.
• Jordan swam 3/3 best times and qualified for Finals in all 3 (100 Free, 50 Fly, 200 IM) highlighted by dropping 3 seconds to go under a minute for the first time in his 100 Free!
• Sarah also swam 3/3 best times and qualified for every Final in her 3 races (100 Breast-5th, 100 Fly-7th, 200 IM-9th).
• Kate swam best times in the 100 Free and 200 IM. She dropped over 3 seconds in the 100 Free to earn a Finals place and chopped over 8(!) in the 200 IM to move up 4 places into the 1st alternate position.
• Nikita swam a best time in his 100 Fly and moved up 4 spots overall.
• Our stellar relay team of Lilla, Ellie, Lily and Kate earned a medal with a 3rd place finish in the 10&U Girls 200 Medley Relay!


Day 1 Finals Recap

100% of our swimmers who competed today scored points for the team. 💯 That is a testament to our depth and every swimmer rising to the occasion. In fact, today we matched our entire 2018 meet point total of 160 points. Finals was a great learning experience for our team as the cold and fatigue from racing and travel began to set in and our swimmers learning to adapt and overcome challenges.

Finals began with Ellie racing the 100 breast in the very first event. She finished 8th overall and added time but earned a medal for her race and a hunger for more.

The first surprise of the evening was Veronica earning a final spot from her second alternate position. She dropped two seconds and beat two people in her final to finish 14th overall and earn a AA time.

Sarah was in the next heat and finished 5th in the championship final or can and was just 1/10 off her best time set in the morning.

Next up was Kate in the 100 free. She added from the morning but still raced her second best time ever to finish 8th overall and proudly earn a medal.

Jordan and Akim both races the 100 Free. Akim swam a best time again while Jordan was unable to stay under the elusive minute barrier broken in the morning. Akim finished 6th overall and Jordan 14th.

Charlie swam the 200 Free next and couldn’t quite maintain his morning magic after racing 1300 yards earlier in the day. He added 1 second and finished 14th overall.

Akim and Jordan races each other in the 50 Fly final. Jordan was able to shake aside his 100 Free disappointment and drop another half second to set a best time in the final to finish 10th the overall. Akim swam .01 over his best time to finish 12th overall.

Sarah was up next in the 100 Fly. Although taking it out in her best ever 50, fatigues caught up on the final 25 and she finished 8th and added a little time.

Our next surprise came in the form of Charlie being entered in the 100 Fly from the 1st alternate position. He finished 16th overall and added less than half a second.

Akim and Jordan races together for one last race of the evening, the 200 IM 😱. Both added 1 second from their best times achieved in the morning and finished 12th and 13th, respectively.

Our final race of the evening was Sarah’s 3rd Championship Final. Sarah finished 8th in the 200 IM and added in her final but again split a best time in the 50 Fly.

Our evening concluded with a fantastic 25-person team dinner!


Day 2 Prelims Highlights

* Kate swam 3/3 best times including a 9 second drop in the 100 Breast, 2+ second drop in the 200 IM and she took off 2+ seconds in the 200 Free to qualify for Finals!
* Sarah qualified for 3 more Finals (50 Free-10th, 200 Breast-6th, 100 Back-12th) with best times in the Free and Back.
* Jordan swam a best time in the 200 Free to qualify for Finals and also dropped 10+ seconds in his 400 IM to finish 11th overall!
* Veronica dropped over a second in the 200 Breast and moved up 7 spots into the 1st alternate position. She also swam a best time in the 50 Free to qualify for Finals!
* Lily dropped exactly 1.06 seconds in both the 50 Back and 100 IM to swim 2 best times this morning!
* Akim qualified for the Championship Final in the 200 Free and shaved over half a second in his 50 Back to make the Consolation Final.
* Lilla swam 3/3 best times in the 50 Back (1st alternate position), 100 IM and 200 Free (7 second drop!)
* Charlie also swam 3/3 best times this morning in the 50 Free, 100 Back and 500 Free, where he dropped 9 seconds to place 5th in tonight’s Championship Final. Don’t be surprised if he drops another 9 seconds tonight! Our Distance King also made his first ever Finals in the 50 Free!
* Abdul swam a best time in the 50 Free!
* Ellie crushed the 200 Free, dropping 21+ seconds to go a 2:29.99!
* Our amazing relay team was bigger and better today as Ellie, Lilla, Lily and Kate dropped 8 seconds to earn a silver medal🥈 as the 2nd place finishers in the 400 Freestyle Relay. This relay beat their time from last year by 22 seconds!! They are the #2 all-time Arden Hills 9/10 Girls relay in this event!


Day 2 Finals Recap

Warmups began with Lilla, Ellie, Jordan and Kate serenading Charlie, Veronica and Sarah while they swam for a solid 15 minutes!

Finals began with Sarah and Veronica competing in the same 50 Free final! Both bettered their best times set in the morning. Sarah finished 11th with a 25.32 and Veronica finished 14th and earned a new Far Westerns, Sectional Bonus Cut and a AAA time in the process.

Charlie was next in the 50 Free and added time from his blazing fast morning swim.

Akim dropped over 2 seconds in his 100 Breast and moved up 2 spots, finished 14th.

Sarah swam her second best time of the evening in the 200 Breast to finish 7th overall.

Akim was back up again in the 50 Back where he dropped again to go a 33 for the first time and finish 10th.

Sarah swam her third and final of the evening and again set a best time in the 100 Back to finish 13th. Sarah has swam a grueling 12 events thus far (prelims/finals) and has new best times in every event!

Kate was next in the 200 Free where she finished 8th and added from her morning swim but learned some valuable lessons about preparing your body for Finals. Despite adding time she is thrilled for the Medal coming her way and spent 30 mins in the warm down pool post-race.

Jordan raced the 200 Free shortly after and was not happy with his morning performance (despite a best time). He was thrilled to drop another second tonight en route to a 13th place finish.

Akim raced in the Championship Final for the 200 Free and dropped time from the morning to finish 7th. Akim will not compete tomorrow but finaled in all 6 of his events, including 2 Championship finals!

The last final of the event belonged to the Big Fella, Charlie, in the 500 Free. It wasn’t quite another 8 second drop as predicted but he did manage to trim another 4 seconds off his time (5:02-AAA) and moved up to finish 4th overall. He was the top 13 year old finisher in the event.

Our team now sits at 315 points, just 24 points out of a Top 10 finish as the rain comes our way tomorrow during Day 3!


Day 3 Prelims Highlights

There was A LOT of rain during prelims today but Arden Hills swam fantastic despite the adverse conditions!

* Ellie swam a best time in the 50 Free - her first time ever going 30!
* Abdul swam fast fast in the 200 Back. He dropped more than 5 seconds and moved up 13 spots!
* Charlie ended his meet with best times in the 100 Free and 1650 Free (the mile!). Charlie dropped 12 seconds in the mile to earn a Far Western, Age Group Zones & Senior Zone cut! He finished 3rd in the mile in the 13/14 age group.
* Lilla had a great morning, cutting 5 seconds off her 100 Back and swimming a best time in the 50 Free (almost a 29 😩!)
* Lily dropped a full second in the 100 Backstroke!
* Jordan earned 2 medals this morning with two Top-8 finishes! He finished 8th in the 500 Free and dropped almost 2 seconds to finish 7th in the 200 Breaststroke. He will return tonight to swim the 50 Free in Finals!
* Sarah continued her amazing meet with 3 more best times (100% for the weekend 💪) on her hardest stretch of events. She’ll return tonight to swim Finals in all 3: 200 Fly-5th, 100 Free-11th, 200 Back-9th.
* Kate swam 2/2 best times, dropping 2 seconds in the 100 Back and she swam her first 29 in her 50 Free to qualify for Finals tonight!
* And last but certainly not least... the Dream Team pulled off the impossible and swam beyond their best to win a Gold Medal 🥇 in the 200 Freestyle Relay! Saturday’s relay brought a Bronze Medal, Sunday brought a Silver and Monday brought a Gold! Great job to Ellie, Lilla, Lily and Kate!!!


Day 3 Finals Recap

The sky cleared and the rain stopped just enough for warmup and Finals tonight!

Finals began with Sarah in the 200 Fly. She re-strategized from this morning’s race and decided to kick out a little longer on each wall. She has great lungs and hoped to take some of the stress off of her arms. The strategy worked wonders as she closed her final 50 2.5 seconds faster than this morning to drop more than a second in her Finals swim.

Next up we had Kate swimming the 50 Free. She added from her morning swim and was disappointed in the result. We learned more lessons about getting our body and mind prepared for the intrinsic and external pressures that come with Finals.

Jordan swam the 50 Free a few races later and emerged with a new best time and .03 away from his first 27!

Sarah raced again in the 100 Free shortly after and dropped more than a half second to earn a new Far Western and AAA time!

And finally we had Sarah race 1 more time in the evening, her 9th Final and her 18th race of the meet totaling 2500 yards raced! Sarah swam a best time in her final race (and 3rd Final in less than an hour) by dropping 2 seconds in her 200 Backstroke!

Sarah, Charlie and Abdul swam best times in every event they swam this weekend! Lilla, Kate and Veronica all tied the next best percentage with 7 best times in 8 events. Our Ironman was Charlie who raced 4,550 yards. In total our team earned 78% best times and 441 points and an 11th place team finish (out of 36 teams).