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New schedule amd training group details

Good evening Dolphin families,

We will have a new schedule beginning next week at the start of the new school semester. I have already released the schedule for our high school training camp. The schedule below will be for all of our swimmers who are not yet in high school. 

We will also be implementing our new groups starting next month. I have tested some swimmers and made the determination of what group they will begin in. I will test the remaining swimmers next week. The current Bronze group will become the "Red Group". I will test those swimmers once I have another coach on deck and make the determination if they are ready to move up the new "Bronze Group", It is not practical to have one coach and four groups. That is why I am holding off. We will be able to support all four training groups as soon as I have another coach on deck. We will hold off on testing high school swimmers until after the conclusion of their swim season. The criteria for moving up groups is in this link if you're curious :

These are the swimmers that have already been designated to a group:

Red- John Rodrigue, Morgan eifert,  Brynne Vagt,Samuel Somer, Talla Pardini, Anya Francis, Sydney Begley, Madeline Wellington, Jack Wellington
Bronze- Ethan Johnston
Silver-Ella Danner,Jessica kraemer, Forest Lefebvre,Griffin Lefebvre,Alora Nieto, Silas Strauss, Kate Corbett, Alora Walley
Gold- Austin Danner, Emma flammang (HS), Mason Flammang (HS), Nick Larson, Lia Xerogeanes (HS), 
Masters- Joe Alhands, Erich Somer, Miya Kurland (HS)
To be determined- Mojo Holstine (HS), Trix Holstine (HS), Lily Keplinger, Lucas Koball(HS), Zac Koball (HS),Chris Larson(HS),;Bennett Spencer, Aleea Johnston, Farrow Lockwood(HS), Kaelie Barekman, Maritza Jacobs, Karina Kowan, Evan Lodge,
Please let me know if your child's name is missing from the list. 
Here's the schedule:
Red Group: Monday,Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-6:15
Bronze Group: Monday-Thursday 5:30-6:45
Silver Group: Monday-Friday 6:00-7:30
Gold Group: Monday-Friday 5:30-7:30, Saturday 11:00-12:15
Elite: Monday-Friday  5:30-7:30 p,m, Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-7:00 a.m, Saturday 11:00-12:15
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Happy New Year
Coach Charlie