Paseo January 2020 News and Notes



January 2020


Letter from our President, Jay Wolf

2019 came and went with a splash—and what a splash it was! Paseo Aquatics entered more swimmers at more meets than ever before, saw over 70 Records shattered, became one of a handful of USA-Swimming Safe Sport Clubs in the U.S., and grew exponentially both as a club and family.

2020 promises another spectacular year—and according to various sources, we’ll see:

  • The first flying car.
  • A robotic moon base.
  • A Beijing to London High Speed rail.
  • Devices controlled via brain implants.
  • Commercial space travel.
  • The ability to mine asteroids.

Most importantly, though, is what 2020 represents to Paseo Aquatics and its ever-dedicated swimmers and coaches… another OLYMPIC YEAR!

206 Nations represented by over 11,000 athletes will descend upon Tokyo, Japan July 24th – August 9th, 2020, with swimming expected to continue its reign as the most watched Summer Olympic event. Work is being completed on a state-of-the-art National Olympic Stadium at an estimated cost of more than $1 Billion.

Though chances are slim that Paseo Aquatics will see anyone on Team USA this year—we have a couple swimmers, past and present, with a legitimate shot at competing at the Olympic Trials in Omaha this June. And many, many more with future dreams of representing our club on the sport’s grandest stage.

The Coaches, Administrative Staff, along with Head Coach Chris and I, wish to extend every Paseo Aquatics swimmer and family member a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year—and a bright 2020 filled with promise and hope.

Jay Wolf


Paseo Aquatics


2020 Goal Setting

With a New Year comes New Goals!  If your swimmer hasn’t already met with their coach about their 2020 goals, they will be shortly.  This is a calendar as well as seasonal “Come to Jesus” meeting where the coaches and athletes set training and competitive goals.  We encourage swimmers to share, though they are not required to, as for some, talking about their goals can either push them to obtain them more OR cause more anxiety than they need.  So if your swimmer shares, support them and if they don’t share, don’t force them, just support them. 

Monthly Milestones


Discovery & Juniors:

This season brought a whole new dynamic to these levels.  With 15 Discovery kids, 20 Jr-1 kids and 30 Jr-2 kids going into Dec. we have seen so much growth and success in the younger levels of this Paseo Team.  I could only guess that this was, by far, one of the most successful years for the Jr & Discovery teams.  "A BIG MILESTONE " of 65 Athletes!

I will start with giving a HUGE congratulations to 9 yr. old Jack Elliot who was our first ever Jr. team WAG qualifier. Jack qualified for the 100 Breast in the 10 & U age group and also 2 relays.  I could not have been more proud!

I must also give a big shout out to one of the JR-2 former swimmers who just moved up to Advanced in August, Aiden Lee, also qualifying in breaststroke.  Great job to both of these new WAG swimmers!

This season we began to attend a new type of meet.  These small novice style meets have played a large role in keeping some of are younger kids and parents, actively involved and progressing. 

It is hard to imagine being a first-time swim parent and no less a swimmer going to the Cranberry Classic as your very first experience.  I know a lot of you have had that exact scenario, 6+ hours and 1000 kids.   Congratulations to our swimmers Lily and Haily Hurtado, Hannah Wacktel, Lana Sutinatikul, & Serenity Barlett from our JR-1 Program for not only going, but placing in their events, 4 of these girls are 7 and under.  I cannot wait to see how we do in the next few months.

As for the JR-2 level kids, I could spend the entire Monthly Milestone telling you how well they are all doing.  This group has become a bona-fide training group in 2019.  It is no longer a group of swim lesson kids just starting with a swim team.   They have all gone to meets and are now working on competing in 100yd and 200yd events.  The entire structure and level of competitiveness is moving on par with the rest of Paseo Aquatics.

Some of the athletes to congratulate, include Jake Larochelle, Jacob Lee, Addie Seegmiller, Lily Shepard, Emily Downs, Jordyn Graham, Phoebe & Jacob Tsao, Nolle Lee, Sadie Harris, Boogie Checketts, Abbie Green, Adam Heiney, Kalia Knafo, Charlie Aishoua, Taylor Asrilant, Sean Saifi, Savannah Yanez, & Brianna Shannon, along with Jack and Jacob who all posted BEST TIMES at the end of the season this year.   

The 2020 season will no doubt bring on many more top performances, best times, team records, and athletes being asked to move up to the next level's. 

The future of Paseo Aquatics is by the Grace of God in our hands, and looking REAL promising. 

As a Coach I can only say Thank You every day to this amazing opportunity I have been given. 



REMINDER! Effective JANUARY 2020, the HAMMERHEAD SWIM CAPS will be mandatory for ALL DISCOVERY, JUNIOR l and JUNIOR ll swimmers during practice.

70% of head injuries with respect to swimming occur during crowded warm-up lanes and swim practices. Though we cannot remove the potential for accidents—we can minimize the risk of significant head injuries. Hammerhead swim caps provide a shock-absorbing layer of padding for additional protection. 

The mandatory requirement of outfitting our youngest swimmers with the Hammerhead cap will ensure this measure is taken.

The caps will be distributed at practice beginning MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 2020. Families will be billed accordingly on their Paseo Aquatics team account.



Swimming really is a grind, and as a coach, I absolutely love to see the hard work pay off.  The saying, "persistance is key" can be shown the way Ethan Ma continually challenged the 200IM and dropped 6 seconds to hit his WAG cut, from how Nadine Fernando kept trying, again and again with every meet to get her WAG cuts since started the season with none and ended up swimming in 5 individual events!

As you grow as a swimmer, it becomes increasingly difficult to get those drops in your events and you either have to continue to grind it out or change the way you think about your swims.  With Zachary Kuhn, he had some difficulty so we had to change the way he approaches his events and thinks about his swims. Now we started to see how swimming mindfully can make a huge difference and I watched him shave time in majority of his events at Cranberry Classic and a couple more at the Holiday Meet.      

Sometimes you just need the right meet or people to race against to really see those improvements as I saw from Aiden Lee who dropped 4.5 seconds in his 100 breast and Josiah Cerera who PR'ed in 3 of his events at WAGs. 

Bret Bezanilla didn't back down from the top dogs in Southern California, and got Paseo team records in the 50, 100, 200 free and the 100 fly!  Jeanna Cerera also got our team record for the 100 breast as she dropped 1.3 seconds and placed 3rd overall! 

I'm excited and ready to see how far these amazing swimmers can go! 


This month our Bronze group had some AMAZING swims, most notably Ella Kim broke the 28 second barrier in the 50 free with a 27.99 at WAGs. Other impressive swims came from multiple swimmers at the CSSC holiday meet. Jaquelyn Bezanilla swam lifetime bests in the 200 free, 100 breast, and 100 fly with a combined drop of 7 seconds. Gracie Brooke dropped 11 seconds in the 200 back, 2 seconds in the 100 breast, and a massive drop of over a minute in the 1000 free. Patrick Done dropped in 6 of 8 events with a combined drop of over 8 seconds. Tyler O’Kane had a major drop in his 200 fly where he dropped over 28 seconds. Zach Reimbold also had notable drops in his 200 backstroke with over a 12 second improvement as well as over a 4 second drop in his 100 fly. Finally Lukas Sutinatikul dropped over 15 seconds in the 200 I’m, 4 seconds in the 50 breast, and 3 seconds in the 100 back. 


First, I want to give a shout out to Viktoria Paragas and Dean Bezanilla for representing Silver in the 11-12 age-group and completely CRUSHING it, having personal bests in every event!

Alex Bell had struggled this season to find her rhythm, battling illness and injury, and put together a near perfect 200 Fly in 2:14.11 (a 7 second drop!) and placed 4th overall at WAGs.  That’s perseverance!

Peyton Morse had a super WAG meet, dropping nearly 13 seconds overall and earning 2 Sr. Cuts in her 100 and 200 Free!

Olivia Boylan broke a 26 in her 50 Free and joins an elite group of athletes that can swim that in less than 26 seconds!

Breanne Kirsch crushed her 100 Breast, dropping 3.48 seconds finishing with a 1:13.91.

Cate Hindman swam a 59.21 in the 100 Back earning her 1st Sectionals Cut and also placing 1st at WAGs!

Ashlyn Walters showcased her prowess in the backstroke swimming a 1:02.11 in the 100 Back and a 2:18.47 in her 200 Back!

Delaney Cowen crushed her 400IM swimming a 4:55.12 also earning her Sr. Cut!

Sr. 1:  

We hit some incredible new milestones at WAGs!

Sammy Benoit had a great performance in her 100 Fly swimming a 59.22 and placing 4th overall at WAGs!

Luke Bezanilla had spectacular performances in both his 100 and 200 Breast and is now the top record holder for both at Paseo Aquatics!

Matthew Chan hit two very big milestones in his swimming career.  One, breaking a 23 in the 50 Free and two, going under 50 in his 100 Free!

Adam Meldrum is the new Paseo Aquatics record holder in the 100 Back (56.5) AND the 200 Back (2:04) for the 13-14 boys! 

Teia Salvino attended her first Winter Jr. National Meet in Washington and carried herself with so much poise and confidence despite facing competition much older than she.  She broke the Paseo Open record in the 50 Free (23.03), previously held by Julia Wolf.  She also gained another personal best in her 100 Free breaking her own record with a 50.9!

Anika Sta. Maria had a great WAG meet, swimming a 1:01.1 in her 100 Fly and also breaking 27 in the 50 Free!

Sydney Zancanaro was the high-point winner for the 13-14 girls at Paseo!  After having a very rough season riddled with growth spurts and injury, modified practices and physical therapy, she won the 50 Free with a 24.55 and is now within striking distance of her Futures Cut, not the mention a wonderful 100 Free where she broke 54 for the 1st time in her swimming career, placing 3rd overall and over a 2 second drop in her 100 Back, also placing 3rd overall!


As we descended upon the East Los Angles College pool, our kids were prepared. We broke 15 individual team records and two Relay records while having a blast doing it. As a team, we showed up with 14 swimmers. There were 61 other teams at the venue, some teams with 30-40 swimmers. Our 14 swimmers secured an overall 8th place finish! And in the medium size club classification we came in 4th, missing 3rd by a mere 44 points!  It came down to the final relays where we had a shot at third. The place was electric and our swimmers put on an amazing show.

As a whole in Sr 2, whether you were at Sectionals, or WAGs, this group put their heart and soul into racing.  Here is a fun fact… since September 1, 2019 to Dec 16, 2019 they have broken 25 team records and have swam a total of 114 best times!

After over 5 years out of the pool, Konrad Antoniuk is pushing hard down the road to Omaha,  clocking a 1:51.03 in his 200 fly. This should be a nice step setting us up going into LCM.

Kaitlyn Fletcher swam an amazing race in her 200 back dropping over 5 seconds after a long plateau. Her persistence and drive to overcome paid off beautifully.  So proud of Kaitlyn!

Alyssa Hamilton and Hanna Seigel came within tenths of a second in joining our Futures National team.

Michael Andrizzi, Jacobs Aina along with Konrad all went 50 point in 100 fly. Three swimmers that grind it out day by day, side by side. It was amazing watching them rise together.

Ryan Sevidal had great races and welcomed a sub 22 in the 50 Free. Been a long time coming.

David Kugler, who made great present decisions all season was a little anxious during prelims. We talked after prelims discussing his prelim splits. They were erratic just like he was anxious before the race. Most likely because he knew the work he put in and was excited to get the results!

A learning opportunity presented itself. “David, true confidence comes from preparation. Trust your training, trust all your daily decisions, breath and slow down to go faster.” At finals he swims a 2:00 in 200 fly dropping 5 seconds! These are the moments that coaches love! The learning moments. Are we getting through? Not the time drops.

A HUGE shout out to Luke Bezanilla and Teia Salvino for being chosen as just 1 of the 8 boys and 1 of 8 girls in the 13-14 Age Group to represent Southern California at the Pacific Coast All Star Meet January 4-5th in Oregon!  SoCal will bring the best of the best and face the best of Oregon, Pacific Northwest, Northern CA!  Good luck this weekend!

We’re looking forward to the release of the remaining SoCal All-Star Swimmers in the weeks ahead, with the SoCal All-Star Festival being held January 25th at ELAC!

We are so honored to have Paseo Aquatics represented by these amazing athletes! 



Community Outreach

Our SILVER swimmers and coaches came together before practice on December 19th to assemble the 80 lunches that were then delivered to the Bridge to Home Winter Shelter to help nourish those less fortunate than ourselves.  This is a monthly Community Outreach event that Paseo does with different groups of swimmers.  We’re looking forward to working with our Bronze group on January 16th, PLEASE login into your website and sign up ASAP to bring items for the lunches.  It’s only a few WEEKS AWAY!



Visualization is one of the BEST pieces of training for mental toughness.

For those athletes that have had any type of strain/pain/break – anything that prevents them from training, competing and being with their swim friends is more than just physical.  Please read the below to make sure you’re aware of the signs/symptoms so you can help them heal on the inside and the outside.

Grow what matters

One Step

At a Time.

Little by little, your

Steps will add up.”

Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This issue taps into a SwimSwam article dedicated to the the AWESOME culture we continue to encourage and cultivate at Paseo Aquatics!!

Please click on the below!


“We want to congratulate all our athletes that performed extremely well this Winter Championship Season!  This is a testament to the hard work and dedication each athlete showed this season.”                                                                                    – Head Age Group Coach Daiki Sato

“There is always this tiny bit of anxiety going into championship season when working with young athletes. They are still learning who they are, how to hone in on their skill sets and composure. Making rash decisions in the moment at the expense of tomorrow’s success is something they all struggle with. We try to look ahead to future success in hopes that they make better decisions in the present.

When the going gets tough, giving up during a set seems so attractive to a young athlete. I try to build the mindset of digging in and going for it which brings them much closer to their goals then giving in. They are learning more everyday about trusting their training, putting their training to work at meets and the truth of their future success depends upon their decisions daily. True confidence comes from preparation.”   - Head Coach, Chris Dahowski

“It is with great pleasure I take a moment and say congratulations to the entire Paseo team and Co-Coaches for what I would say is a HUGE milestone for this entire program!   2019 brought success in all levels of our awesome club.

It also brought an opportunity for myself, as a Coach, to get to know almost every swimmer and most of the parents. In 2019 I was blessed with being able to assist all of my co-coaches by covering their groups on a number of occasions.  I say blessed, because I got to see first-hand the amazing group of younger and older athletes this team is honored to host.

Thank you to each and every one of you that took a moment to allow me the opportunity to assist your group coach and even if only for a moment, coach your group.  God Bless this Team in 2020.”

  •  Coach Jimmy Owens



January 2020 SWIM MEETS

We have approaching swim meets in January representing all Paseo Aquatics Age groups, so take advantage of every opportunity to race.

Pacific Coast All-Star Meet

Saturday, January 4th – Sunday, January 5th, 2020


SoCal Selected Athletes: Luke Bezanilla and Teia Salvino


PVST January BRW

Saturday, January 11th -Sunday, January 12th

Adolfo Camarillo High School Pool            

4660 Mission Oaks Blvd.

Camarillo, CA

Groups: Juniors, Advanced and Bronze


SoCal All-Star Meet

Saturday, January 25th

ELAC Swim Stadium

1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez

Monterey Park, CA  91754

SoCal Selected Athletes: TBA


Alpha Quad Meet

Sunday, January 26th

Loyola Marymount University

7944 Loyola Blvd.,

Los Angeles, CA   

Groups:  ALL


Other Important Dates

Bronze Community Giving – Bridge to Home

Thursday, January 16th @ the BEGINNING of practice.  Please login and sign up to assist with lunch items that the swimmers will be assembling into 75-80 lunches for the Bridge to Home Winter Shelter asap!