Keizer's Freshmart 50/50 lotto

Hello all,

Just like that we are now into our next fundraiser, don't worry, this one is easy wink

Keizer's Freshmart on Cow Bay Roady has advised that Draw 80 of the Freshmart 50/50 Lotto, for the Month of January 2020, will be in support of the Bluefins Swim Club!

This means that our club could benifit from a donation of up to $1,000.00. In an effort to expedite the maximum jackpot amount, any communication you are able to send to supporters of the Bluefins Swim Club and let them know to drop into Freshmart and purchase a ticket, would be most helpful.

When the lotto has ended I will send out another email to let everyone know the date and time of the draw if you wish to be present and have pictures taken for their facebook community page.

See, I said it would be an easy one.